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The last year and a half has sparked a major desire for Americans to spice up their lives with some variety.

A survey of 2,000 general population Americans found six in 10 have felt the urge to try something outside their comfort zone since the average person hasn’t tried anything new in two months, and for 12%, it’s been over a year.

For some, trying new things is tied to their personality — 21% described themselves as adventurous, while 15% said they have curious personalities, and 5% described themselves as daring. 

Even those who describe themselves as practical (21%) or cautious (11%) like having choices.

That is especially true when it comes to food and beverages (67%), entertainment (64%), new experiences (42%), and books (38%). Almost half of those surveyed (49%) agreed that “variety is the spice of life.”

Commissioned by Califia Farms and conducted by OnePoll, the study found that, since the pandemic began, 81% have had success adding more spice into their daily routines.

More than three in four (78%) said they felt a positive effect in their life after trying something new or different for the first time. 

Respondents who tried something new in their lives said it made them feel happier (60%), more creative (53%), energized (52%), and content with themselves (51%).

However, 53% of respondents said it’s easy to get overwhelmed if they have too many choices to choose from. The average person only needs five options to feel happy, and nearly a quarter (23%) are content with only three choices.

A quarter (24%) said curiosity drives them to add something new to their daily routine. Meanwhile, 18% would do it at the suggestion of a friend or family member, and 14% would do it at the suggestion of their significant other.

“We’ve learned that people really like having variety when it comes to what they eat and drink so they can experiment, dabble, and explore,” said Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer of Califia Farms. “People are inherently curious and changing things up by trying different plant-based options, new flavors, or experimenting with new ingredients can keep things feeling fresh and exciting. Whatever your preference, one thing is true: variety is the spice of life.”

The urge to try something new might be stronger than people like to admit. The average American attempts to try four new things per year.

Two in three (67%) have seen positive changes in other areas of their lives after trying something new. Nearly as many (63%) have ended up loving the latest thing they tried after years of avoiding it.

Looking ahead, people are planning to continue incorporating variety. Sixty-eight percent of people see the post-pandemic world as an invitation to plan for more variety in the future.


  1. Food/beverages – 67%
  2. TV shows/movies/music – 64%
  3. New experiences – 42%
  4. Books/magazines – 38%
  5. Hobbies – 38%


  1. General curiosity – 24%
  2. Suggestion from a friend/family member – 18%
  3. Suggestion from a significant other – 14%
  4. Suggestion from an expert whose opinion I trust – 8%
  5. Break up the routine of life – 7%

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