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Summer is sacred for half of Americans who say it’s the perfect season for them to be social butterflies.

A new survey of 2,000 general population Americans found just thinking about summer instantly puts 72% of respondents in a good mood, and the same number feels relaxed when they’re at a summer get-together.

And as life slowly returns to normalcy post-pandemic, many respondents said they’re ready to attend barbecues and relax in the pool — which 64% considered a form of therapy.

Commissioned by Broil King and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed the best parts of summer include eating summer foods (57%), being outside (55%), relaxing on the weekends (50%), and of course — the warmer weather (45%).

Respondents shared what they thought are the best and worst flavors of summer. Top flavors include lemonade (60%), barbecue (59%), melon fruits (51%) and iced tea (51%).

Meanwhile, the smells that remind respondents of summer are grilled foods (65%), freshly-cut grass (60%), beach air (49%), and charcoal grills (43%).

The most disliked flavors are artificial fruit (25%), potato salad (20%) and lemonade (20%). The least liked scents include sweat (54%), hot trash (54%), lawn mower gasoline (27%) and bleach (24%).

One thing 60% of people can agree on is that grilling is the top activity that defines summer – and just as many believe it’s the best time to catch up with friends and family while cooking.

Forty-two percent said they had a life-changing conversation around their grill. Some of the most impactful conversations include discussing selling a house and moving across the country, becoming a father, and finding closure after someone passes.

But before hosting get-togethers this summer, 45% of respondents said they plan to require guests to get vaccinated before entering their home.

“One of the joys of summer we love to hear about is opening up your new favorite restaurant – your backyard barbecue grill – and treating family and friends to the creative tastes, flavors, smells and sounds of the grill,” said Ben Street, Broil King marketing manager.

Data further showed close to half (46%) claim to be the designated grill pro of their household, while 49% said they’re the go-to foodie in their social circle.

When getting ready to fire up the grill, there are several things grillers will prioritize first. For 65%, location matters — and they believe it’s easier to grill outdoors than to cook inside.

Additionally, 35% prioritize food preparation, 20% prioritize what’s going on the grill and 13% put most of their effort into the type of grilling being done.

A quarter of Americans (24%) believe the pinnacle of their cookouts is to experiment with new sauces, spices and smoky flavors.

Over half (53%) take pride in their grilling skills. A third of these proud grillers (37%) are so protective of their craft, they won’t let anyone else touch their grill.

“Nothing beats being outside in the summer evenings and gathering around the grill,” continued Street. “Unforgettable memorable experiences seem to always happen, beyond just the amazing food and flavors.”


  1. Lemonade – 60%
  2. Barbecue/smoked foods – 59%
  3. Melon fruits – 51%
  4. Iced tea – 51%
  5. Corn on the cob – 49%


  1. Grilled foods – 65%
  2. Fresh cut grass – 60%
  3. Beach air – 49%
  4. Charcoal grills – 43%
  5. Sunblock – 41%

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