This mind-bending 3D puzzle will have you seeing tinsel stars.

Santa Claus is having a Christmas nightmare – having mislaid his specs somewhere in the workshop, and as a consequence nine other key components of his Christmas Eve operation.

Enter Father Christmas’ busy workshop to find his reindeer, hat, sleigh, an empty stocking, belt, gloves, reindeer food, map – and even Mrs Claus.

The festive puzzle was created after a study of 2,000 adults found a quarter of Brits have at some point ruined Christmas by forgetting something important.

Researchers identified the things which would spoil the big day, and found adults would be mortified to forget to buy a family member a present, or discover the turkey was still raw inside.

While other things which might spoil the day itself include forgetting to buy batteries for the children’s toys, to serve up trimmings such as cranberry or bread sauce, or having children who hate their presents.

And like Santa, 47 per cent of adults would panic about losing their glasses on Christmas morning in case they couldn’t see to cook dinner or open their presents.

Amanda Casela, head of content at contact lens supplier Vision Direct, which commissioned the puzzle and research, said: “As this puzzle shows, there is a downside to wearing spectacles!

“Santa is renowned for his little half mooned glasses, which sit perched on the end of his nose, but imagine how many girls and boys would be disappointed if he couldn’t see to deliver their presents.“In a similar vein, our research shows how easily Christmas can be spoiled – whether that’s by losing your specs, forgetting to buy something crucial for the main meal, or having terribly disappointing Christmas crackers.

“We put so much pressure on ourselves for one day of the year.”

The study found misplacing someone’s gift, running out of sellotape for emergency wrapping and imperfect roast potatoes all have the potential to destroy Christmas.

While others would be disappointed to run out of mulled wine, leave presents at home when visiting someone else or lose their favourite Christmas jumper.

Vision Direct has illustrated the possible situations that could spoil Christmas, to see visit:

Almost seven in 10 adults try so hard to get organised for Christmas they write a list of everything which needs doing on the day, but 46 per cent would be more prepared if they didn’t have so much to juggle with work, childcare and home life in the lead up.

Six in 10 adults say there is so much involved in Christmas that it becomes a difficult event to manage, and as a consequence, 51 per cent say their stress levels rise as the day gets closer.

And the study, conducted via OnePoll, found 48 per cent say their health and well-being takes a back seat as they prioritise others during the festive season.

Amanda Casela added: “There is only one solution for Santa, and that’s to wear contact lenses, and as for us normal Brits, simply putting less pressure on ourselves would go a long way.

“Christmas day is one day of the year, and while it is one to enjoy, it’s important not to let health and well-being suffer as we go above and beyond to make it the best day ever.”


1.      Forgetting to buy a family member a present
2.      Realising the turkey is still raw in the middle /or off
3.      Burning the turkey
4.      Forgetting to turn the oven on
5.      Roast potatoes don’t go to plan
6.      Misplacing someone’s present
7.      Buying the wrong present for someone
8.      Forgetting the gravy
9.      Forgetting to put the vegetables on
10.   Forgetting to buy batteries for children’s toys
11.   Running out of wrapping paper for last minute gifts
12.   Running out of Sellotape
13.   Forgetting to buy a friend or close neighbour a present
14.   Forgetting to wrap a present
15.   The children don’t like their presents
16.   Forgetting to buy the trimmings – cranberry, apple, mint, bread sauce
17.   To take the Christmas presents with you when visiting family / friends
18.   Forgetting to buy headache tablets in case you indulge in too much mulled wine
19.   Losing glasses or running out of contact lenses so you can’t see/cook Christmas dinner/ open presents
20.   Disappointing Christmas crackers
21.   Misplacing or spilling something on your Christmas jumper
22.   Forgetting to clean the toilets for guests
23.   Forgetting to invite someone important
24.   Forgetting to put the stockings out for the children
25.   Forgetting to provide a vegetarian option
26.   Forgetting to send Granny or Grandad a card
27.   Being unable to find Christmas pyjamas
28.   Forgetting to buy / put on the Christmas jumper
29.   Forgetting to leave a mince pie out for Father Christmas
30.   Running out of mulled wine


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