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According to new research, pets have improved their owners’ lives. Seventy-nine percent of pet owners wouldn’t be as happy as they are now if it wasn’t for their furry friend.

The poll of 2,001 pet parents found over half (52%) say their pets help them be more active than they would be otherwise.

A quarter (25%) credit their pet to helping them eat healthier while a further 47% don’t think they’d be as patient as they are now if it wasn’t for their four-legged companion.

A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Fuzzy — The Pet Parent Company aimed to uncover just how integral pets have become in their owners’ lives and found over half (52%) finally learned the true meaning of unconditional love as a result of having a pet by their side.

Three in five respondents say it’s because of their furry friends that they have less stress in their lives and a further 24% credit their pet to boosting their productivity.

Because of a pet’s presence in the home, 61% say their moods are improved than before they became pet parents.

A staggering 82% say having a furry friend in their home provides a sense of calmness throughout their house or apartment.

And 76% say having a pet nourishes their soul.

Seventy-seven percent of respondents simply can’t even imagine a life without their furry friend.

Beyond these benefits, the path towards becoming a pet parent didn’t come without its fair share of worries. Forty-four percent were worried about becoming pet parents for the very first time.

Over a quarter (26%) of respondents had concerns about whether they’d be able to step up and be responsible enough to handle a four-legged companion.

And nearly three in 10 worried they wouldn’t have enough money to support a furry friend.

Over half (54%) of respondents didn’t expect to spend so much money on their canine or feline companion when they initially became a pet parent.

But, now, they find themselves spending $1,242.89 annually on their four-legged companion.

Pet parents will spend over $150 just on their pets’ medications in a single year, and an average $218 per veterinary care visit.

“Pet parents are often surprised by the unexpected costs and time required to be a good pet parent. From medical bills to toys for playtime it’s a full-time responsibility. Having a pet by your side, however, is worth the cost” says Dr. Cherice Roth, Chief Veterinary Officer for Fuzzy.

As a result of the pandemic, 69% say they’ve bonded with their pet more than ever before.

In the pandemic, two in five say if it wasn’t for their furry friend they wouldn’t be active while a further 41% say their four-legged friend gives them the opportunity to step outside and enjoy the fresh air.

“Pets have become more essential parts of the family, helping people through these tough times. As the world begins to reopen pet parents should be mindful of the ways they’ve leaned on four-legged friends in the past year. Changing the routine may cause some anxiety and pets will need training to readjust.” added Dr. Roth. 


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