The Kids Are Back To School And So Are The Dreaded Nits

No sooner did the new school year begin than the dreaded itch began also. So, when we were asked to test and review the Puressentiel Anti-Lice products we were not short of willing volunteers. William, our 7yr old boy was just “itching” to try the spray for himself, even though he has short hair, we found the smell to be quite strong, though not unpleasant, and the odour still remained when he returned from school, though it wasn’t overly strong.

It will take some time before we are able to 100% verify the effectiveness but early indicators are very positive indeed.

We asked William’s friend to test the Puressentiel Anti-Lice Duo, a 7yr old girl with very long hair. Frustrated by the constant outbreaks of Lice at school, they were delighted to trial the product for us. They tried the lotion, even though they have not experienced an infestation yet, they said the lotion felt nice on the hair and the comb passed through the hair with relative ease. Daily use of the spray is hopefully responsible for her daughter remaining “lice-free“.

The Official Information

It is a touchy subject and just thinking about lice, can make you itch. By the time you catch sight of the tiny creatures there can often be a whole family living on your scalp. Put a stop to lice, larvae and nits naturally with the new, Anti Lice Lotion + Comb and Lice Repellent Spray, from Puressentiel, which is a 100% natural and effective head lice treatment which is tough on lice, but soft on hair and the environment.

It is thought that up to one in three children in the UK may get head lice at some point during the year. These infestations are not the result of dirty hair or poor hygiene as head lice can affect all types of hair, regardless of length and condition. Whitish to grey-brown in colour and about the size of a sesame seed when fully grown, head lice cannot fly, jump or swim and are spread by head-to-head contact, climbing from the hair of an infected person to the hair of someone else.

Puressentiel Anti Lice Treatment Lotion

Pureessentiel Anti Lice Treatment Lotion

Effective from the first application, the mild formula of the Puressentiel Anti Lice Treatment Lotion eliminates lice and leaves hair soft and shiny after 10 minutes. The formula asphyxiates larvae, nits and lice by blocking their respiratory system without the use of dimethicone, a silicon based ingredient. Meanwhile, the inclusion of Calophyllum, jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond, castor oil and coco work to prevent hair dryness, while essential oils lavender, tea tree, geranium and clove work to cleanse and soothe the scalp and also help repell future lice infestations.

The fresh scented squeeze-tube is safe to use on asthmatic children and comes complete with the Puressentiel Lice Comb included in the box. The comb’s fine, micro-grooved steel teeth are made from a high quality metal, which work to pull out and destroy nits, while the rounded, long tips care for the hair and scalp, making it easy to use all types of hair.

Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray

Puressentiel Anti Lice Spray

Keep lice away the natural way with the Puressentiel’s Lice Repellent Spray, which works in just 10 minutes. This 100% natural repellent, which uses Citriodol®, derived from lemon eucalyptus essential oil, has 24 hours proven efficacy to repel lice and stop infestations from occurring. The handy spray cleanses the scalp and soothes itching thanks to the inclusion of lavender floral water and lavandin, without leaving the hair feeling greasy or damaged. One bottle of Lice Repellent Spray provides up to two months of daily protection, working all the time to stop any future infestations happening.

Where to buy Puressentiel

Powerful, yet gentle on scalp, hair and the environment, the Puressentiel Anti-Lice products are 100% natural, insecticide-free and dermatologically tested. The range is also suitable for children aged 3+. Puressentiel products contain no dyes, preservatives or synthetic perfumes; they use nature’s natural bactericides, virucides, fungicides and biocides.

Puressentiel Anti Lice Lotion + Comb (RRP £12.99) and Lice Repellent Spray (RRP £9.99) are available from Boots, Day Lewis and selected pharmacies nationwide.

About Puressentiel

Created in 2005 by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni, Laboratoire Puressentiel is the European leader of aromatherapy products sold in pharmacies. In 2013, it held 27% of the market share in France. In nine years, Puressentiel has developed a range of 140 products that offer ready-to-use formulae, combining essential oils and the purest active ingredients, designed to take care of the day to day healthcare needs of adults and children. Their UK range includes products for purifying indoor air, easing joint or muscle pain, improving respiratory well-being, and aiding sleep and relaxation.

The family run company already has a strong following across 50 countries, selling one product every two seconds worldwide, and is now bringing its 100% natural, sustainably-sourced products to the UK.

Prepared by : Sharon Steed
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