Seven in 10 consumers want to ‘shake things up’ this Christmas – because they’re bored of the same old festive traditions.
A poll of 2,000 adults who celebrate Yuletide found those keen for change are in favour of ditching turkey, introducing new party games, and even spending the special day abroad.
Year after year, 58 per cent eat the same foods, 66 per cent celebrate with the same people, and 50 per cent decorate their homes the same way every year.
Other ‘tweaks’ include listening to more festive music than usual, freshening up their selection decorations, and dressing more casually – including spending all day in their PJs if they want to.
However, the research by Tenderstem found 60 per cent feel obliged to stick to tradition and are apprehensive about change as a result – despite a strong desire to do something different this year.
Exactly a quarter admit they adhere to old ways to appease certain relatives, while 54 per cent feel breaking from the norm is somehow ‘wrong’.
Regardless, 46 per cent of those polled consider Christmas Day to be the one day of the year they should be able to indulge and do what they actually want.
Embracing change this festive season
In a new video, relationship expert Mel Schilling is seen giving the nation top tips on how to make a clean break from tired traditions.
Likening the dilemma to common life struggle, relationships, Mel’s advice aims to give Brits the confidence and tools to ditch choices we’re no longer content with.
The Married At First Sight star said: “We can all spot when something isn’t right for someone else, but we find it harder to spot when something isn’t right for ourselves.
“Just because something is familiar and comfortable, it doesn’t mean that it makes us happy.
“I am encouraging Brits to follow their hearts

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