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As soon as it’s safe to get together with others, 38% of Americans are worried about one unexpected thing: being unable to make small talk.

That’s according to a new poll of 2,002 Americans, which found 34% of respondents feel they’ve become more awkward due to being all cooped up in their homes for the past year.

It’s been four whole months since the average American has had a meaningful conversation.

The study conducted by Evite in conjunction with OnePoll aimed to discover just how people anticipate celebrating and gathering together as soon as it’s safe to do so and found that a little awkwardness won’t stand in our way, 36% will be sure to go out of their way to attend events that they previously avoided.

And as soon as the pandemic is officially declared over, 42% of Americans plan on throwing the biggest party of their entire lives.

The average American estimates they will end up spending $140 on their first night out post-COVID-19.

A third even plan on saying “yes” to every single invitation they receive for the next year, even ones that previously they might have declined.

These previously dreaded events include baby showers (34%), weddings (44%) and bachelor/bachelorette parties (27%).

Since 2020 limited how people were able to celebrate birthdays and other milestones, 36% feel like their 2020 birthday didn’t count at all.

As a result, over a quarter (26%) plan on re-doing their birthday and making up for the lack of celebration in the past year as soon as it’s safe to do so.

People are optimistic about celebrating soon with the hope for more vaccines in the near future. Nearly a quarter (24%) are already starting to plan a “past birthday” celebration for the future.

Thirty-two percent are taking matters into their home hands and reported that they’ll likely be the first person in their friend group to host a party as soon as it is finally safe to gather with others in-person. 

“As the vaccine continues to roll-out across the country, people have high hopes of celebrating with their friends and family soon. In fact, people are eager to RSVP “yes” again so they can get out into the world, connect face-to-face, and make up for missed milestones,” stated Casey Martinez, Party Specialist for Evite.

For the average respondent, it’s been five months they have seen a close friend. 

As a result, nearly half (47%) feel more disconnected from their friends and family than they have ever felt before.

“The pandemic has truly taken a toll on the lives of Americans. People have been stuck indoors for over a year now and have missed out on a lot as a result. It’s natural to feel disconnected after so much time apart, but no one should let that stop them from getting back out there. It’s certainly okay to plan a smaller gathering at first or even a pre-party party to get your bearings before going into larger party settings.  We’re all a little rusty at socialization, but the feeling of being close with your friends and family after a year is worth the effort.” added Martinez.

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