Nearly six in 10 adults admit to ‘bending the rules’ or even sabotage when playing board games with their family at Christmas – but rarely get away with it.
The poll of 2,000 adults who celebrate the season found of those who are less than honest with how they play, two thirds have been caught red-handed.
Underhand tactics commonly deployed include hiding pieces, stealing someone’s turn and peeking at another player’s tiles or cards.
More than half (52 per cent) have a competitive streak when playing against their loved ones, while 45 per cent admitted they are guilty of trying to win by any means possible.
But when things don’t go their way, 50 per cent have ‘rage quit’, and 43 per cent of these are adamant their actions were justified.
Throughout the festive period, 46 per cent recognise there will be at least one row over a board game.
The research was commissioned by Mattel to launch the new Scrabble Trap Tiles edition, and saw Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott show what can happen when sabotage is at play.
Strategy vs sabotage
Sam Thompson said: “Anybody who knows me, knows I love winding people up – but what most people don’t know is that I’m the ultimate games night saboteur, loving nothing more than using my brains, wit and a few underhand tactics to win.”
Kelly Philp, from Mattel UK, said: “Playing games at Christmas is a much-loved tradition – and it’s interesting to see how many surprising traits come out the woodwork in gameplay, from sabotaging to cheating.
“Whatever your favourite way to play, board games are an integral part of festive celebrations, and this is such a brilliant way to bring the entire family together – and no matter who wins or loses, a good time is always guaranteed.”
The research also found 44 per cent admitted

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