Snack-happy Brits have revealed the weird and wonderful ways they eat their crisps – including with cutlery, chopsticks, crushing them to powder, and creating a taste overload with a mix of different flavours.
Research of 2,000 adults found eating them with something sweet, covering them with chilli sauce and dipping them into sauce while it’s in their mouth were other methods used.
One in 10 even crush them to pour them straight into their mouth, while 28 per cent lick their fingers in order to pick up every last crumb in the packet.
The study also revealed 69 per cent have an unconventional style when it comes to their enjoying their chips in private.
But 71 per cent believe crisps should be eaten in a certain way to make them taste better.
The research was commissioned by Doritos after hundreds went online to reveal the ‘secret’ ways they snack, including submerging chips in dip to make them soggy and eating crisps with cutlery to avoid getting dusty fingers.
Taste expert Natalie Alibrandi, who has collaborating with the snack brand explained the science behind why adults may choose an unusual eating method.
She said: “Lots of the secret snacking styles are proven by science to increase enjoyment.
“For example, eating lots of crisps together achieves a concentrated flavour burst, and nibbling prolongs flavour exposure.”

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