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Brits tuck into eight meals a week from around the world, research has found.

A study of 2,000 adults found the average Brit is on a journey of culinary discovery, eating around one meal every day with roots originated across the globe.

And over the course of the average week, Brits will sample dishes from three different countries, with Chinese, Italian and Indian the most popular.

American, Mexican and Thai food are also among the most common international cuisines to be found on British dinner tables.

It also emerged three in five consider themselves to be adventurous foodies.

While 81 per cent are shunning ‘faux food’ in favour of stocking the cupboard with authentic ingredients and recipes to capture the true taste and style of the dish.

Christina Honigfort, head of marketing at New York Bakery Co., which commissioned the study, said: “Authenticity is at the heart of creating dishes that taste as good at home as they do in the country the recipes and cooking or baking methods originated in.

“The research shows that Brits are passionate about this authenticity.

“It’s easier than ever to keep your kitchen stocked with authentic products and ingredients that match the tastes of the cities that inspired them, from bagels in the delis of New York to spices from markets in New Delhi.”

The study also found that when sweeping the supermarket shelves, the average shopper can expect to find at least a fifth of their basket stocked with authentic foods used in preparation of cuisine that originated abroad.

Indian spices, Italian olive oil and Chinese soy sauce are among the most common authentic ingredients found in the nation’s cupboards.

One in five keep their fridge stocked with French cheese while one in seven believe the best chilli sauce comes from Thailand.

When asked how they came to discover their favourite global dishes, the top sources were recommendations from family and friends, coming across the dish when ordering it at a restaurant, and picking up a taste for the local cuisine when on holiday.

But 52 per cent of those polled, via OnePoll, even went as far to say that they choose where they want to go away based on the cuisine they can try there.

Christina Honigfort added: “Here at New York Bakery Co., we’re all about celebrating authenticity and take inspiration from the city that runs on bagels everyday – New York.

“From the sights, sounds and tastes of Brooklyn and Little Italy to the genuine boil and bake method behind all our bagels, our roots are what allow us to add that big New York taste to breakfast and lunchtimes occasions across the UK.”

In celebration of its New York roots, New York Bakery Co. has opened the doors to its bakery in a new bagels unwrapped-style film looking at everything from the shaping of the dough and boiling the bagel to the baking method that guarantees it New York chew.

As part of the campaign, bagel lovers in UK&I will also be given the chance to win one of 40,000 limited edition red, white and blue Bagel Tins with every uniquely-coded pack of New York Bakery Co. bagels bought this Summer.

1. Chinese
2. Italian
3. Indian
4. American
5. Mexican
6. Thai
7. Greek
8. French
9. Japanese
10. Caribbean


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