A poll of 2,000 adults who travel to work by car, bus, tube or train found the single most annoying thing is being stuck in traffic for hours.
Traffic lights which keep changing to red as you approach, tailgaters, and people who undertake on the motorway also frustrate many of those polled.
Hefty train and bus fares are right up there too, with one in six citing them as one of their biggest annoyances.
The research was commissioned by rewards club, Virgin Red after it emerged train tickets are set to increase by 3.8 per cent in March – a rise which 85 per cent of train users described ‘as out of hand.’
Andrea Burchett, spokesperson for the rewards club, said: “No one likes to begin or end their working day with an onslaught of obstacles.”
The study also found, for 68 per cent, a frustrating commute can ruin their entire day.
Other annoyances include middle-lane hoggers, dawdlers, and loud sniffers on public transport – although 47 per cent admitted they have done such things themselves.
The age-old scenario of waiting ages and then two buses arriving at once is also irritating for many – as is trying to find a parking space at work, and when the bin collectors block the road.
Having to cart heavy bags to and from work is not popular, and neither are people who put their feet on the chairs on public transport.
The study also found 65 per cent have seen an increase in the cost of their commute in the past five years.
While 64 per of those who travel by train admitted they’re struggling to pay for their tickets.
Rising costs could also pose a problem for employers with 51 per cent revealing they would consider changing jobs if doing so reduced the price of their journey.
Despite bugbears such as rising prices,

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