An expert has revealed the best ways to get a mental health boost in 2023 – playing ping pong.
With the subject of mental health growing higher on the news agenda, television presenter and doctor, Zoe Williams, has shared ways to boost wellbeing and reduce anxiety – including niche sports like ping pong, axe throwing, darts and shuffleboard.
She said: “Everyday life – the news, relationships, jobs, or a big life change can all take its toll on our mental wellbeing.
“That’s why it’s so important to make sure we all take time in our day to do something that benefits our mood.
“The research shows that connecting with friends through sport and games, especially those that encourage friendly competition and focus, such as a game of ping pong, can have a very positive impact on our mental health.
“It helps us improve mental clarity and also strengthen connections with those you’re playing with. Whether you win or lose, it’s a guaranteed game of fun.”
It comes after research of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Bounce, the home of ping pong, found 56 per cent find sport a stress relief with 62 per cent saying competing with friends can help them blow off steam.
But 53 per cent of Brits aren’t spending as much time in social groups as they’d like, even though 72 per cent get a boost in happiness levels from doing so.
More than four in 10 (41 per cent) of those who use sports or games to destress believe concentrating on one action allows you to ignore other things.
For 34 per cent, however, the joy is simply found in winding up friends when you win the game, while 40 per cent love the increased focus.
With 40 per cent saying they feel happier and more relaxed (39 per cent) after a game with friends.
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