Family photos, fresh bed sheets and a fridge full of food are among the things which most help a house feel like a home.

A study of 2,000 homeowners has revealed what transforms four walls into a homely space, with their own bed topping the list according to 65 per cent.

Similarly, having a ‘space’ on the sofa confirms to 48 per cent that they are at ‘home’.

Personal touches including children’s paintings on the wall (20 per cent), fridge magnets (19 per cent) and even shoes by the door (19 per cent) also help complete a place.

A spokesperson from Furniture Village, which commissioned the research, said, “This fascinating study confirms that it’s a combination of favourite pieces of furniture along with all those familiar little touches that make a house a home.

“It’s clear that having furniture you love – like your own bed and your own spot on the sofa – is really important at the end of the day.

“But it’s the simple things like family photos, flowers in a vase, and a well-stocked bookshelf that can instantly make your home the place you want to be.

“We can also see that while bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens score highly as places for homely touches, having distinct spaces carefully designed for entertaining friends, connecting with family, and keeping tidy and organised all help people feel happy, comfortable and relaxed at home.”

The research also revealed the living room is the biggest priority when it comes to making their house homely, followed by the main bedroom and the kitchen.

Decorating also has a big impact on making a house a home according to 53 per cent, although 79 per cent admitted they feel they will always have outstanding jobs to do.

More than a quarter of those polled, via OnePoll, said a home has to be completely redecorated to feel like it’s their own.

And a third also feel accessories have an influence, while 44 per cent turn to furniture to make a difference.

A further 46 per cent feel a home represents an owner’s personality, which explains why artwork, a full bookshelf and personal treasures, such as festival tickets on display, also made the list.

It also emerged more than a tenth of adults polled buy home accessories as often as once a month, and on average homeowners redecorate a room every five years.

And 60 per cent believe it’s important to have a warm and inviting space.

When it comes to inspiration to make a house homely, a quarter look at furniture stores, a sixth turn to social media and 12 per cent browse estate agent websites.

Furniture Village’s spokesperson added: “Home has always been an important space, and that’s particularly true right now as so many of us are spending more time than ever in our homes.

“This research clearly shows the importance of taking time to make the space feel homely and inviting for all the family.

“As well as emotional touches such as memories made and kids running around the house, it’s important to have beautiful high-quality products which the whole family love and which add a touch of personality to the place.”

Find out more about making a house a home at—furniture-village/85b9ea56-31c9-4c00-8d81-63f707bb15da.html

Top 40 things which make a house a home:

1. Sleeping in your own bed
2. Family photos
3. Your own spot on the sofa
4. The memories made in the home
5. A fridge full of food
6. A bookshelf filled with your books
7. The smell of freshly cooked food
8. Freshly washed bed sheets
9. The location of the house
10. Natural light
11. Plants
12. A dining table
13. Your children in the house
14. Fresh towels
15. Flowers in vases
16. Candles
17. A fireplace
18. Having the bed made
19. A large TV
20. Blankets and throws
21. Children’s paintings on the wall
22. Artwork
23. Hosting dinners for friends and family
24. A large wardrobe with clothes hung up
25. A dressing table with your belongings like jewellery and makeup
26. Shoes by the front door
27. Fridge magnets
28. Children’s toys in the house
29. A TV in the bedroom
30. A doormat
31. Cook books in the kitchen
32. Lots of storage
33. A bedside table setup
34. A rug
35. Newly painted walls
36. Memorabilia like festival tickets on display
37. Matching kitchen appliances
38. Matching furniture in each room
39. A certain air freshener scent
40. A big wall mirror


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