A poll of 2,000 parents aged 26-41 revealed just 53 per cent can recite all the lyrics to Baa Baa Black Sheep, while only 51 per cent can confidently sing all of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.
Even Humpty Dumpty baffled half of those polled, while Jack and Jill is known by just 43 per cent.
And three in five parents can’t soothe their babies to sleep with a complete rendition of Rock a Bye Baby.
In fact, a tenth of millennial mums and dads do not sing lullabies at all to their little ones – because they have a ‘terrible’ singing voice or feel awkward.
Instead, one respondent admitted they have rapped Kanye West songs to their baby, while another has channelled their inner Mick Jagger to perform The Rolling Stones classics at bedtime. 
Despite this, 83 per cent think the bedtime routine is a key bonding experienced for parent and baby.
Soothing techniques
Lisa Parkhill, from baby products manufacturer, MAM, which commissioned the research to debunk myths about soothers, said: “Getting a little one off to sleep is a special, soothing time spent between babies and parents – even if some of the methods might be considered unconventional.
“It’s fascinating to learn just how many rely on the power of their voice to support their baby during these moments – yet many recognise they won’t be releasing a hit single anytime soon.
“But as parents develop these unbreakable bonds with their children, they learn just how important bedtime is to soothe their little one– and even a brilliant chance to unwind themselves.”
The study also found nine in 10 parents will read bedtime stories to their children – and 43 per cent think these have a better impact soothing their little one before bed.
Nearly half of the parents who do

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