The average millennial spends an incredible $1,300 on summer socializing –according to new data – and is much more likely to attend social events in the summer as opposed to the winter.


A new survey of 2,000 millennials profiled the social calendars, spends and summer adventures typically experienced – with four family events, three nights out with friends, two weekend brunches and at least one wedding the norm.


Over the course of the summer period (June 21-September 23) millennials will attend 37 events and spend an average of $100 a week on socializing alone, making the final tab for summer $1,300.


The study by Maven, an app-based car-sharing service, found that millennials spend an average of 4 hours 47 minutes a week traveling for non-work reasons – totaling a solid 62 hours on the move each summer for social events.


Millennials are also willing to travel further for events – with 30 percent of a millennial’s summer social calendar taking place outside of the town or city they live in.


“This research reinforces that experiences for millennials are critically important,” said Megan Stooke, Chief Marketing Officer, Maven. “Maven provides seamless connectivity through an on-demand app, available for use by the hour or by the day, allowing our members to be there for moments that matter. We are a key enabler.”


In fact, one in six millennials would travel over 500 miles for a summer event while 63 percent would travel 100 miles or more.


The research also pinpointed the extent to which we become much more social animals during the warmer months – the average person is 56 percent more likely to socialize in the summer and 63 percent confess to bailing on plans to see people in the colder months.


In fact, 62 percent of people said they are far more spontaneous and adventurous during the summer – from last minute nights out to impromptu road trips, almost three quarters of respondents said a spontaneous trip or party has “made” a summer in the past.


When asked what would make them more likely to attend or travel to a social event, 56 percent listed nice weather as the top contender followed by low gas prices, someone else driving, light traffic, and easy access to a vehicle.


Millennials will spend $851 per summer on non-commuting travel costs alone ($65 per week). 37 percent of respondents said they wished they had access to a vehicle with better gas mileage, while 33 percent wanted access to an SUV/Crossover.


“For different occasions and experiences, Maven has a car for every purpose,” said Stooke. “From SUVs to eco-friendly sedans, matching the best vehicle to the experience is part of what makes Maven a unique offering.”


Maven, which provides users with access to new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles, includes the cost of gas and insurance. Members reserve the vehicle of their choice through a mobile app and pay by the hour or by the day. All vehicles come equipped with 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, Andorid Auto, SiriusXM and OnStar.


Membership is free and the Maven app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store.





4 x family events/ meals

3 x nights out with friends

2 x club nights

3 x birthday celebrations

3 x barbecues

3 x move visits

2 x weekend brunches

2 x picnics

3 x beach trips

2 x sightseeing attractions

2 x concerts

2 x sport events

2 x other social events

1 x art/cultural show

1 x wedding

1 x engagement party

1 x bachelor/ bachelorette party



$100 per week socializing

$1300 per summer (13 weeks Jun 21st-September 23rd)

$65 per week non-work-related travel

$845 per summer (13 weeks Jun 21st-September 23rd)

***This random double-opt-in survey was conducted by OnePoll, a market research company and corporate member of ESOMAR and adheres to the MRS code of conduct. For more information about One Poll’s research in the media, navigate to their portfolio here: This survey of 2000 US adults aged 18-35 was conducted between July 12, 2017, and July 19, 2017, by Market Researchers OnePoll and commissioned by Maven GM



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