A poll of 1,000 adults with a pre-tax annual household income of less than £16,500 feel powerless when it comes to managing their income and debt.
And 32 per cent wish they had more of a grip on their energy use, while others long for more control on their monthly bills (46 per cent) and their social schedule (18 per cent).
A combination of the global pandemic, cost of living crisis and high energy prices has left half feeling they don’t have as much control over their lives as they did two years ago.
As many as 66 per cent put this down to the rising energy costs, while six in 10 blame it on high food prices.
But technology plays a big role when it comes to a feeling of being a little bit more in control according to two thirds of those surveyed, with banking apps (53 per cent) named as the top tech that families rely on.
Smart meters were also a popular piece of tech for 32 per cent, while others rely on instant messaging chats (30 per cent), online to do lists (29 per cent) and health tracking devices (18 per cent) to keep on top of things.
And, hypothetically, having no access to technology would make 28 per cent feel less in control of their lives.
A spokesperson from Smart Energy GB, which commissioned the survey, said: “It is a very difficult time for many households right now, but there are small steps we can all take to shore up our sense of control.
“Smart meters can be a really helpful tool for providing visibility on energy use and avoiding the uncertainties of estimated bills.
“They are available at no additional cost and the installation process is straightforward, usually taking an average of just two hours.”
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The study also found 59 per

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