Millions of adults have asked a fellow dinner guest to choose their meal for them – because they can’t read the menu for themselves.
Research of 2,000 adults revealed a fifth (18 per cent) have found themselves in an embarrassing situation as a result of their eyesight.
Just over one in 10 (11 per cent) have waved at a total stranger thinking it was someone they knew, while 11 per cent have offended someone they DO know – by walking straight past them obliviously.
A red-faced 13 per cent have been laughed at for holding a menu at a comically long distance away in order to make out the dishes.
While 10 per cent have found themselves feeling self-conscious about having to hold a book at arm’s length to read the text.
A spokesperson from Specsavers, which has created an elongated ‘reading arm’ prototype which could help people that are long-sighted, said: “Visual impairment is extremely common so it is a real shame that so many people get embarrassed about it.”
“Inventing the reading arm was excellent fun, and while we’re sure many readers would find such a gadget useful, it shouldn’t be a substitute for taking eye health seriously and booking in with your optician for a check-up.
“Most people over the age of 40 start developing presbyopia or long-sightedness, but it can be easily corrected with the right pair of specs.”
It also emerged 35 per cent admit to feeling self-conscious at times about their eyesight.
Yet 43 per cent of those surveyed have not been for an eye test or check-up in the last two years.
Of those surveyed who have a visual impairment, 28 per cent have the text on their devices set to a larger size so they can read it more easily.
And 44 per cent of those have been mocked for their efforts.
A quarter

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