Is it ok to go to the movies or hang out at a bar alone? The votes are in…

Millions of Americans are now happy to live a solitary existence, according to newly released research.

Nine in 10 US adults are now content to be in their own company – with 64 percent comfortable with the idea of living alone.

More than half (64 percent) would be perfectly happy to buy a house just for themselves and four in 10 have no issues about vacationing abroad solo.

Of those polled 55 percent said it was more acceptable to travel alone now than it was a decade ago.

However the research of 2,000 US adults, commissioned by Intrepid Travel, which has launched a range of group trips for solo travelers, also found a third are worried they’d get bored traveling alone.

Thirty-six percent of the survey respondents say the greatest benefit of traveling solo is being able to challenge themselves.

Eight in ten of those surveyed said they are keen to face a major life challenge such as a round the world trip – although a 72 percent of them would like to go with someone else.

While half of the respondents aren’t fazed by flying solo and around a third are content to navigate a busy international airport unaccompanied.

However, half of the adults surveyed say they wouldn’t be happy to drive abroad on their own.

Motoring around the country is a different story with 61 percent of people at ease navigating through the states alone.

And one in seven of those polled would have no qualms buying a new car without the help or support of a friend or family member.

One in five Americans are happy to catch a train unaccompanied and over half (55 percent) have no problem going to the gym alone.

Hanging out at the local bar without anyone else isn’t a problem for 36 percent of people, while nearly half (46 percent) will happily go out for a meal on their own.

Food shopping without company is no concern to nine in 10 respondents, and similarly over three quarters are happy to go to the movies all alone.

Of those surveyed, about a quarter (24 percent) said they have been on vacation alone while a third worry they would get lonely being abroad without someone to keep them company.

Nearly four in ten (37 percent) say they need more than three hours of alone time every day – and 65 percent are very comfortable with the idea of living alone?

“As one of the fastest-growing markets in the travel industry, it’s time we start celebrating solo travelers, not just accommodating them,” said Leigh Barnes, regional director – North America, Intrepid Travel.

“Travel is for everyone, our solo-only tours will cater to the number of travelers who are more-than-happy discovering the world alone, but want the comfort of a small-group tour. Intrepid Travel’s new tour range takes out the confusion and intimidation of planning a trip alone, so single travelers can easily go and explore the world,” said Barnes.


No pressure to do certain activities
It’s more relaxing
It’s an easier learning experience
It’s easier to meet new people
Friends don’t have the same time-off

Go grocery shopping
Live away from your parents
Buy a new car
Board a train
Visit a bucket-list destination
Buy a house
Go to the movies
Go on a group tour
Go out for dinner
Fly on an airplane


***This random double-opt-in survey was conducted by OnePoll, a market research company and corporate member of ESOMAR and adheres to the MRS code of conduct. For more information about One Poll’s research in the media, navigate to their portfolio here: This survey of 2000 US Adults was conducted between July 14, 2017, and July 19, 2017, by Market Researchers OnePoll and commissioned by Intrepid Travel.


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