Nearly half of LGBTQ+ adults in the UK feel uncomfortable watching live sporting events in person – because of homophobia or transphobia.
A study of 1,000 people from the LGBTQ+ community found 34 per cent of those who have attended a live sports event experienced homophobic or transphobic abuse while sitting in the stands – an average of four times.
While four in 10 felt unwelcome due to their gender or sexuality.
More than half (53 per cent) of those who experienced problems at a sporting event were watching men’s football, with 23 per cent at women’s football.
Cricket, swimming, and tennis were also key events where LGBTQ+ adults have experienced homophobic or transphobic abuse.
The research comes ahead of the TCS London Marathon on Sunday, where official automotive partner, Nissan UK, is creating its inclusive Cheer Zone [] for the LGBTQ+ community, providing a lively atmosphere for spectators at the “Rainbow Row” section of the course.
Adele Roberts, one of Nissan UK’s diversity, equity and inclusion ambassadors, said: “Everyone should be comfortable to play sport or attend any sporting event, whatever their gender or sexuality.
“The fact that nearly half of LGBTQ+ fans feel uncomfortable watching live sport in person shows why the Cheer Zone is so important.
“It was an honour to be a part of Rainbow Row at last year’s marathon, helping to create an inclusive safe space for the LGBTQ+ community – and our allies, family and friends – and this year I’m looking forward to running as a proud member of the community.”

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