One in five Brits only speak to neighbours during the festive period and admit they are completely unsure of their names.

A poll of 2,000 adults found six in 10 have given Christmas cards to neighbours in the past simply signed ‘To all at number 22’ or similar, to avoid any awkwardness.

Brits normally hand out just five cards to people who live nearby, but 38 per cent believe the overall events of 2020 have brought them closer to their neighbours.
As a result, more than one in 10 intend to give out more cards than usual this year and spread a little Christmas cheer.

The research was commissioned by in conjunction with the El Gordo Christmas lottery, which traditionally aims to bring people together by buying and sharing tickets.

Their spokesman said: “Christmas is normally a time for people to come together, and this is something we really want to encourage, especially in these challenging times.

“For many, with trips to see friends and family curtailed over the past few months, a chat with a neighbour on a doorstep has been a much-needed dose of human contact.

“It’s no surprise people want to extend that 2020 love and goodwill through to Christmas, and not just through delivering cards.”

In Christmases past, eight in 10 adults wouldn’t consider hosting a festive get-together for people living in the street to drop in for a cup of tea and a chat.

But one in six already have plans to take part in a socially distanced ‘doorstep gathering’ this year.

On average, Brits will stop for a chat with someone on their street six times per month, according to the OnePoll research.

They’re most likely to simply exchange a greeting in passing, followed by chat about the weather, family members or current events.

But a tenth like to take the opportunity for a quick moan about another neighbour’s bad habits.

One in three Brits would like to be closer with their neighbours – but 36 per cent feel they have ‘no reason’ to make a concerted effort to contact them.

A fifth say they just can’t be bothered to get to know the people they live nearby, and one in think they’re too noisy.

More than three in 10 Brits have neighbours from different cultures that celebrate Christmas differently to them – or not at all.

As a result, half of the population have enjoyed learning about how people from different walks of life celebrate December 25th.

Lottoland’s spokesman said: “It’s really heart-warming to see that so many people are learning from their neighbours about the traditions of different cultures.

“We live in a wonderfully diverse nation and there are so many ways you can celebrate at this time of year.

“One of our favourite Christmas traditions is the El Gordo lottery because it brings everyone together.

“Every year, friends, neighbours and even villages pool together to buy tickets for the lottery and then watch the draw together.”

To participate in the El Gordo Lottery – also known as the ‘Fat One’ – from home this Christmas, visit


1. I have no reason to contact them
2. I just can’t be bothered
3. I would feel socially uncomfortable talking to them
4. I don’t know anything about them
5. A good opportunity just hasn’t come up yet
6. Not sure / I just don’t
7. I’ve been too busy to chat to them
8. It doesn’t seem like we would get on
9. They always seem busy
10. They’re too noisy and I don’t want to be friendly with them


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