A poll of 1,500 adults who have the seasonal allergy found 19 per cent believe those who don’t have it are unsympathetic to their ailments.
In fact, 70 per cent of sufferers dread the impact of hay fever, with 29 per cent taking days off work because symptoms have been so bad.
While 29 per cent have also had to ditch plans with friends and family and 16 per cent have even had to cancel a date because of their hay fever.
And, of the parents polled, 52 per cent have taken their kids out of school because of a flare up.
But despite this, 79 per cent claim those who are fortunate enough not to have experienced the allergy don’t think it’s a good enough reason to not show up to something.
Dr Roger Henderson, GP and spokesperson for Olbas [https://www.olbas.co.uk/], which commissioned the research, said: “People who don’t suffer from allergies often think the effects aren’t very serious.
“But our research shows just what a massive impact it is having on their lifestyles – and also the inquisition they have to face as a result of missing out.
“As hay fever is most commonly at its worst in the spring and summer – which are times when social engagements tend to increase – many are unfortunately left with tough decisions to make.
“A simple nasal spray or decongestant can help relieve a blocked nose and reduce the impact of headaches and sinus issues, allowing you to enjoy your summer social life by day and sleep better at night.”

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