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Over half (51%) of respondents reveal their partner or roommate has made them more sustainable in their everyday lives, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 people also found that a staggering 86% encourage their partners and family members to make more sustainable choices daily. 

In a typical month, Americans spend over $100 on being more sustainable — meaning Americans are spending over $1,200 in a single year on eco-friendly products.

But, despite all this, nearly a third (32%) still don’t think they are doing enough to be sustainable. 

The poll conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Micro Cotton® aimed to determine how much Americans care about sustainability and discovered 78% do wish they were more sustainable in their everyday lives. 

But, switching to a more sustainable lifestyle may not be as easy as it seems. Nearly half (49%) of respondents revealed they struggled to find affordable products when they initially made the switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Although over half (56%) of those studied think it’s important to have sustainable towels, two in 10 reveal they don’t think their bathroom is all that sustainable — if at all. 

Forty-six percent had difficulty finding eco-friendly products that were of high quality and also worked well while a further 38% had trouble finding sustainable products that had a scent that appealed to others living in their home. 

“For Micro Cotton®, sustainability is at the core of all of our innovative practices and products,” said Vikram Krishna, Sharadha Director for Micro Cotton®. “To us, sustainability is the future and we want our customers to be able to find luxury and sustainable bath textile products easily. That’s why all of our bath towels are MADE IN GREEN certified by OEKO-TEX®, which proves our products are crafted in an eco-friendly facility and that they have been rigorously tested to be free of harmful substances.”

And over a quarter (26%) of respondents don’t even know the proper rules of recycling, making it difficult to make daily eco-friendly choices. 

The struggle to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle undoubtedly leads to arguments. Over half of Americans fight with their roommate and partners about their wasteful choices.

Results revealed that 52% frequently argue with their partner or those they live with about making sustainable choices. 

And two in three fight with their partner or roommate about the correct way to recycle. 

The disagreements don’t just end with proper methods of recycling. Seven in 10 have disagreed about purchasing eco-friendly products because of their price tags.

Some have no choice but to be sustainable, as 31% of those polled have been forced by local laws to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. 

The results also revealed that a staggering 81% say they are more eco-conscious than they were five years ago, showing that a trend is quickly emerging.

“Something as small as buying an eco-friendly towel can be the first step into a sustainable lifestyle,” said Krishna. “Micro Cotton® continues to develop innovative processes by combining expert selected long staple cotton with proprietary technology to create a superior bath towel. Ninety percent of our facility’s power uses green energy to ensure the environment is protected.”

The little things matter when attempting to take a more eco-friendly approach to life, and here are the most popular ways people are trying to be sustainable. Over half (51%) bring reusable bags when grocery shopping while a further 44% turn off the water when brushing their teeth. 

Americans are also taking shorter showers (40%), buying recycled products (38%) and purchasing local produce at farmer’s markets (35%) all to make more eco-conscious choices.

In an effort to be more sustainable, 27% are using metal straws while a further 28% are traveling less frequently.

And 23% have even opted to use public transportation as a way to live a more sustainable life.

The average American will even go five uses (an entire work week) before washing a towel in an attempt to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

As a way to ensure Americans are truly living a sustainable lifestyle, three in four want their towels to be manufactured in a sustainable factory. 


  1. Bringing reusable bags when grocery shopping                 51%
  2. Turning off the water when brushing their teeth                 44%
  3. Taking shorter showers                                                       40%
  4. Planting trees                                                                      38%
  5. Buying recycled products                                                    38%


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