A poll of 2,000 adults found just 29 per cent feel rom coms are accurate portrayals of relationships, with 46 per cent criticising films like Notting Hill and Pretty Woman for depicting unrealistic views of what they should be like. 
More than a quarter (27 per cent) have even had disagreements with a partner over situations influenced by the films, and 13 per cent admitted to cheating on a loved one because of something they saw in a romantic comedy. 
While 22 per cent noticed problems in their own relationship after watching a movie, and 15 per cent even ended a relationship because of the expectations set by the film. 
It also emerged 30 per cent feel pressured to change in order to fit the image of a character played by an A-list star, with 34 per cent copying or imitating the actions of characters made famous by actors such as Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.
The power of romance
Behavioural psychologist and relationship expert Jo Hemming, who is working with Pluto TV, which commissioned the research to launch its ‘Bad Romance’ channel, said: “It’s interesting to see how people’s favourite romantic films can reflect their relationship preferences and personality.  
“It’s a great way to gain insight into what makes someone tick in love and relationships.
“There’s no doubt that we take watching our romantic movies seriously. 
“With 29 per cent reporting they have quoted a classic romantic line to their own partner, and 23 per cent reporting a situation in their own life was mirrored from a scene in a movie, romantic films have a memorable and considerable influence on our relationships in many ways. 
“However, while movies have a profound impact on our relationships, we must always look inward and decide what works best for us.  
“So, while holding a boombox above your head blaring “In Your Eyes”

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