A poll of 2,000 dog owners who got one of their pets as a puppy found 47 per cent believed their life changed more than they had expected.
More than half (56 per cent) were surprised by how hard it was to look after a young pup, while 71 per cent said bringing home a puppy was like having a newborn baby.
The damage the pet made to their house (43 per cent) and its behaviour (42 per cent) were cited as top reasons for ‘puppy blues’ – a term coined to describe feelings of regret, resentment and doubt some experience after bringing home a new pooch.
It also emerged that although 86 per cent love their pet unconditionally, despite the hard times, a staggering 91 per cent feel they would have benefitted from expert advice on how to cope.
The research was commissioned by pet insurance brand ManyPets, which has teamed up with vet Dr Scott Miller to host free one-to-one sessions [https://manypets.uk/doula] to help owners acclimatise to their new role as puppy parents.
Oke Eleazu, UK CEO of the brand, said: “While bringing home a new puppy is a uniquely fulfilling experience, the lack of sleep, mess and feelings of regret can become overwhelming.
“As the research shows, 37 per cent of dog parents experienced some form of puppy blues. We want to help pet parents feel they are not alone.
“This is why we’re excited to have appointed veterinarian, Dr Scott Miller, as our first ever Doggy Doula, to provide the emotional and informational support needed to help new dog owners adapt to life with their puppy.”

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