Parents will endure 728 sleepless nights, 1,092 tantrums and tell 240 little white lies to keep the peace – all before their child turns four, a study has found.

A poll of 2,000 UK mums and dads revealed on average, they will also change 3,739 nappies and have hidden themselves away 144 times to enjoy a snack in peace by the time their children start school.

Another well-known parenting hack – turning on the TV to get a moment’s peace – will also see mums and dads sit through 240 children’s films to snatch some much-needed sleep.

To top it off 192 nights will be spent lying on the floor next to their child’s cot or bed to try and coax them into the land of nod.

But becoming a parent may also turn you into a criminal, with four in 10 facing the embarrassment of having their children accidentally ‘steal’ something from a shop after using it to keep them amused.

However, life with little ones is rewarding and challenging in equal measures with parents hearing their kids say ‘I Love You’ 1,248 times and receiving 1,456 kisses during their pre-school years.

Oliver Hopkins, Brand Manager at Frankie & Benny’s, which commissioned the research to launch their Parent’s Win Awards, said: “Parenting is full of ups and downs – but for every low point or challenge, there is something wonderfully funny or rewarding as well.

“Despite this we know it can be hard and that’s why we’re on a mission to make life for parents easier, celebrating the everyday ‘parent wins’.

“From hiding yourself away so you can eat a bit of chocolate without having to share, to finding ways to entertain your little ones with little to no effort, it can leave you feeling like you are winning at parenting, even if just for a moment!

“Our Parents Win Awards are aimed at celebrating the funny and ingenious hacks and tricks parents have come up with to help them cope with the day-to-day challenges they face.”

Researchers revealed parents will change an average of four nappies a day until their child is just over two-and-half – a total of 3,738.

And during the first year alone, five out of seven nights of the week will result in lost sleep amounting to a total of 260 nights.

A further 208 nights of broken sleep will be endured when their child is one, along with 156 at the age of two and 104 when they are three.

This amounts to a total of 728 nights of disturbed sleep during the first four years of being a parent.

But every day, mums and dads will also do something to try and make their child laugh three times – a total of 2,920 before they turn four.

They will enjoy 1,664 cuddles with their little ones but bring out the iPad 288 times in an attempt to get some peace.

Worryingly, mums and dads will also find themselves interrupted 192 times – more than once a week – when they are trying to go the toilet.

The study, commissioned via also revealed parents will have to watch as their children turn their nose up at food 288 times, and will tell 144 white lies about what is on their plate in an attempt to get them to eat it.

Parents will also have 384 battles with their children before they start school – but win just 169 of them.

The survey was commissioned to mark the launch of the Frankie & Benny’s Parents Win Awards which open today.

To be in with a chance of winning a family holiday to Disney World Florida and attending the star-studded awards ceremony on 25th April, share your parenting wins on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #FBparentswin and one of the category hashtags below.

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Awards categories:

• The Parent ‘LOL’ – The award for making your kid crack up uncontrollably with the least effort e.g. ripping up bits of paper #parentLOL

• Energy Efficiency – The award for the most ingenious way of entertaining your child, with the least effort e.g. pushing them on the swing with a leaf blower #efficiency

• The Peacekeeper – the award for the best way of forcing your children to get along. E.g. putting both of them in a shared t-shirt so when they argue it forces them to make up #peacekeeper

• The Gamesmaster – For the successful gamification of household chores #gamesmaster

• Destruction Diverter – Ingenious solutions devised by parents to stop their children destroying the family home #diverter

• Masterchef – the award for parents who have either got their kids to eat food, or helped manage messy eaters #masterchef

Parenting by numbers between the ages of 0-4

Nappy changes: 3,738

Nights of lost sleep: 728

Tantrums: 1,092

Colds and bugs: 28

Times trying to make them laugh: 2,920

Kisses: 1,456

Cuddles: 1,664

Kids say ‘I Love You’: 1,248

Times you will hide yourself away to have a snack without being disturbed: 144

Times children push food away: 288

Lies told about their food: 144

Children’s films watched: 240

Children’s TV episodes watched: 2,704

Times the iPad come out to give you some peace: 288

White lies told: 240

Battles had: 384

Battles won: 169

Interruptions when you are on the toilet: 192

Nights spent sleeping by the cot to get your child to sleep: 192


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