Celebrity canine trainer The Dogfather has spoken of the vital part a pooch can play in care homes – by helping to enhance residents’ length and quality of life.
The popular behaviourist from Channel 5’s Dog’s Behaving (very) Badly revealed how animals such as cats and dogs can have a huge impact on the health and happiness of elderly residents.
And Graeme Hall – AKA The Dogfather – claims such a positive impact could even be linked to a longer lifespan for residents and pets.
Speaking on behalf of family-run care provider, Hallmark Care Homes, which welcome residents with a dog, Graeme said: “Studies show that being with a dog, particularly a dog you are bonded with, reduces resting heart rate – an indicator we’re less stressed, and that will definitely increase your life.
“Not just your length of life, your quality of life as well; there is a hormone called oxytocin, which functions to protect the heart.
“Being with a dog increases oxytocin production so it’s true to say dogs are literally good for your heart and keep you healthy.”
According to the renowned dog trainer, it’s not just your heart that benefits, but also your brain, which a four-legged-friend can assist in keeping stimulated.
Owners need to get up in the morning to tend to their pet, give them something to eat and take them for a walk, providing easy ways to keep active.
And dogs can also read their keeper’s body language, making it a win-win when it comes to a brain workout for both.

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