Shopping for a bargain in the sales, spending time in the sun-drenched garden – and going to sleep in a freshly-made bed are all elements of the average Brit’s perfect day, according to research.

A poll of 2,000 adults found one in 10 would love nothing more than to belt a tune out in the shower, and fifteen per cent would spend some time bingeing on a box set.

Three in 10 would kick back and watch their favourite film, and one in five would indulge in retail therapy and top up their wardrobe.

Another 29 per cent would set aside time for a family trip out, while 36 per cent would hope to find some money to make the day unforgettable.

The study was conducted by Lottoland on the back of their annuity lottery, Cash4Life, where customers can bet to win £1,000 every day for the rest of their life.

A spokesman said: “We’ve all had days we thought were utterly perfect – ones we wish we could re-live again and again.

“Our results found, quite sweetly, that most of Brits’ ideas of what a perfect day is are totally achievable.

”After all, it’s not impossible to take a day off work to spend the whole day at home in your pyjamas.

“But if money were no object, it seems Brits would be happy to go to town on making their lives easier.

“It’s not unusual to wish a film like Groundhog Day could come true – especially if the day we were repeating had lots of great things happen.

“And on the other hand, if we had a perfect day, there are plenty of things Brits would rather not have to do – like their daily commute to work, or even the washing up after dinner.”

According to the study, a ‘perfect day’ for the majority of Brits would involve waking up at 8am, and not going to bed until 11pm – giving them 15 hours to pack fun into.

One in 10 parents confessed that for their perfect day, they’d spend it with their partner – with no kids allowed.

Four in 10 believe listening to music is a key to having a perfect day, with some of the most popular songs for maximising enjoyment being revealed.

They include Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer, Happy by Pharrell Williams, and Whitney Houston’s classic I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

But the majority of Brits selected Queen’s feel-good hit Don’t Stop Me Now as the song they’d most want to hear on their dream day.

And of the movies most people would want to watch when chilling out, the top pick was Dirty Dancing, followed by Mrs. Doubtfire, Star Wars and Love Actually.

A fifth of respondents would spend time in the pub on their perfect day, and 22 per cent would love nothing more than to spend the whole day inside in their pyjamas.

A further 30 per cent would get out into nature and go for a long walk, and just eight per cent would spend time in the gym.

Come teatime, a third would chow down on a full roast dinner, and 28 per cent would pick up a pizza.

But only a tenth would choose a salad for the meal to cap their perfect day.

And as the sun goes down, more Brits would choose to stay in with a good book then head out for a raucous night on the tiles.

And of the things Brits would love not to have to do any more, if they somehow had endless money, one in four would immediately hire a window cleaner.

Nearly one third of those who took part in the OnePoll study said they would employ the services of a chef, and a tenth would like a stylist to pick clothes out for them every morning.

Lottoland’s spokesman added: “Annuity lotteries – where you can win an amount in regular instalments, as opposed to a one-off jackpot – have been around for a long time but are increasing in popularity.”

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1. Getting a good night’s sleep
2. Laughing
3. Going on holiday
4. A quality meal
5. Feeling sun on your face
6. Listening to music
7. Sleeping in a freshly made bed
8. Sitting in the garden in the sun
9. Finding money
10. Having a clean house
11. When loved ones have good news
12. People saying ‘thank you’
13. A drink with friends
14. Watching a favourite film
15. Having some time alone
16. Time relaxing on the sofa with your partner
17. Going for a family trip out
18. A hot bath
19. Making a nice cup of tea
20. Finding a bargain in the sales
21. Giving someone a gift
22. The smell of bacon in the morning
23. Buying new clothes/outfits
24. Listening to rainfall when you’re indoors
25. Witnessing a kind act
26. Having a barbecue
27. Playing with kids
28. Enjoying the perfect steak
29. Enjoying a quiet pint
30. Walking the dog
31. Winning at a game/ competition
32. A spa day
33. Watching sports
34. Bingeing on a box set
35. Baking
36. A refreshing glass or bottle of water
37. Day out with the boys/girls
38. Visiting a theme park
39. Playing video games
40. When there’s no traffic on your commute
41. Dancing in the kitchen
42. Decorating a home
43. Singing in the shower
44. Watching animal videos online
45. Exercise classes
46. Setting your Out of Office before going on a holiday
47. Gossiping
48. Playing a sport e.g. tennis
49. Yoga
50. Riding a motorbike


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