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The average British family begins planning their holiday more than six months in advance, it has emerged.

Researchers found busy lives and hectic work schedules mean millions of families try and arrange breaks well in advance so they have something to look forward to.

According to the results of study, adults will spend around six hours browsing the web for ideas before asking the kids, friends and family for input on where to go on holiday.

The research, which involved polling 2,000 mums and dads, found eight in 10 families will go through three key stages when booking a holiday, seeking inspiration on where to go, comparing prices and then making the final reservation.

But while more than seven in 10 Brits families book both their flights and hotels well in advance of their trip, just 22 per cent book activities to enjoy on the trip ahead of their break.

The study was carried out by Visit Orlando, Orlando’s Official Tourism Association.

According to the research, mums and dads cited spending time together as a family on holiday as the highest priority, ahead of getting away from work and the daily routine.

Getting a good deal was also vital for more than nine in 10 Brits.

Only six per cent of people downloaded new apps to use on holiday, missing out on the opportunity to save money by booking tickets ahead of their trip.

Of all the jobs which feature on the to-do list of planning and booking a family holiday, looking at images online is the most popular activity.

Booking holiday insurance and changing your spending money into the local currency is also a priority for parents, as is checking the weather.

Checking the length of flight times, updating your holiday wardrobe and checking the destination in relation to everything else is also a must.

George Aguel, President and CEO of Visit Orlando said: ‘’Orlando has always been a popular destination for British holidaymakers because we are a destination that offers not just great value but also guarantees lifelong memories will be formed.

“Tools like the Visit Orlando App are extremely useful planning resources for families wanting to make sure they maximize both time and money while including activities that will make the holiday meaningful to them.’’

Mummy travel blogger, Sally Whittle, said: “Planning that perfect family holiday can be time-consuming and stressful.

‘’There are simple things you can do, to ensure peace of mind whilst staying within a budget and saving time, such as booking theme park tickets in advance when visiting a destination like Orlando.’’

Top 10 things parents do before going on a family holiday (in order of popularity):
1. Looking at images online (52%)
2. Checking average weather at that time of year (50%)
3. Booking your holiday insurance (47%)
4. Checking flight times (length) (47%)
5. Buying new clothes/outfits (43%)
6. Checking maps to assess where everything is at the destination (41%)
7. Checking exchange rates (40%)
8. Getting local currency (39%)
9. Checking visa requirements (32%)
10. Sharing ideas with your kids or asking their opinions (32%)

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