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If you like to snack on prosciutto and parmesan cheese with your glass of prosecco, you might be one of the 74 percent of Americans that claim to have a sophisticated palate.

 A new study of 2,000 Americans found that over half (56 percent) would even go so far as to consider themselves a “foodie.”

 Being a self-described “foodie” means that you like to try new foods (56 percent), want to learn more about the origins of foods (47 percent), and, of course, can cook a quality meal (42 percent).

 You also might be a “foodie” if you have an understanding about food pairings, and even able to pronounce words like prosciutto (prō-ˈshü-tō) and bruschetta (brü-ˈske-tə).

 The new survey, conducted by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, also found that the average American will have their “taste awakening” at age 31, the age they feel their palate has fully matured.

 Interestingly, only 14 percent of those aged 55 or older reported that they feel they have a very sophisticated palate. That same group was also least likely to describe themselves as a foodie.

 Compare that to the 36 percent of survey respondents aged 18-24 who said they have a very sophisticated palate.

 Finding yourself bored with the food you eat? Try learning some history about it.

 56 percent of Americans reported that learning about the history and origins of certain foods actually helps them enjoy it more.

 “It’s not surprising that history holds a particular significance in consumer food choice. We’re proud of our history and origin, and being able to deliver an authentic, quality product to generation after generation,” says Chiara Iasiuolo of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma. “Producing Prosciutto di Parma is an age-old tradition, as is the beauty of the perfect slice of prosciutto. It’s a delicious product that withstands the test of time in the kitchen.”

 Cooking is also an integral aspect of discovering one’s food passion, with 92 percent of respondents saying good cooking is its own art form.

 But what inspires us to finally pick up the pots and pans and get cooking? Well, according to the results, our biggest influence is our parents, with 41 percent saying they first got inspired to cook watching their parents cook growing up.

 Desiring to recreate an old family recipe was a reason 29 percent of Americans have felt inspired to cook.

 Dinner parties are also a fun way to share your food passion with friends as your palate matures, and, according to the results, Americans will host their first dinner party at age 26.

 And with the average American hosting four dinner parties every year, impressing your guests with what you bring to the table is a must.

 But no need to go overboard, as adding something simple to the event can go a long way, with nearly half of Americans (43 percent) saying they would be impressed by the host at the sight of a charcuterie board at a party.

 “We’re continuing to see a growing trend among U.S. food enthusiasts in which Prosciutto di Parma is considered a go-to food to include in special occasions,” said Jason Stemm of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma.“It’s a food item that consumers are purchasing to elevate a meal and impress friends or family during a summer dinner party or holiday meal.”

Frequently trying new foods                                                    56%
Being interested in food origins                                               47%
Being able to cook a quality meal                                           42%
Having an awareness of what foods are in season                32%
Knows how to pair cured meats with cheeses, wine and beer      30%
Always have a restaurant you should try                               24%
Being able to pronounce difficult food names                        19%
Eating healthy                                                                       19%
Having traveled to a country to try their food                         17%

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