To help combat littering in the UK, customers in Weymouth were put on the spot this week with all packaging removed from their Drive-Thru.

Burgers, McNuggets and even fries were all served straight into the hands of unsuspecting public – as well as celebrities including TOWIE’S Pete Wicks and Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison.

The litter-busting video was created after research of 2,000 adults found over half of the British public are unlikely to intervene when faced with other people littering.

Nearly six in 10 (58 per cent) describe it as a ‘major problem’ in their area, with 30 per cent stating common areas for the misdemeanour being outside fast food or takeaway outlets.

It also emerged seven in 10 adults believe sheer laziness to be a main reason for the litter on British streets.


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McDonald’s has partnered with LitterLotto, a free app that rewards responsible binning of any litter – with prizes from £5 to £10,000.

Simon Jacobs from LitterLotto said: “We’ll be working together to incentivise people to bin their litter responsibly and experience the joy of binning by winning prizes through the app.

“We’re on a quest to reduce litter, protect wildlife, clear our rivers and oceans of waste material – and make more waste available for recycling.”

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