Swimming in the sea, picnics and bike rides are among the top activities’ families want to experience this summer.


Outdoor pursuits are among the 50 things families plan to make the most of after more than a year of restrictions.


Other top activities to do this summer included watching the sun rise (30 per cent), a trip to a theme park (28 per cent) and a quintessential trip to the British seaside (24 per cent).


It also emerged that six in 10 families want to spend more quality time together outdoors this summer, after enjoying nature became more important than after the start of the pandemic.


The research was commissioned by sun cream brand Soltan, which has partnered with TV presenter and nature enthusiast, Helen Skelton, to inspire families to have adventures as parents plan activities for the kids this summer.


Helen Skelton said: “Getting outside and enjoying nature is great for physical and mental wellbeing,


“I have always been someone who has made the most of the great outdoors and enjoy an adventure.


“The research shows that families want to make the most of getting outside but are sometimes lacking some inspiration for how to turn a day out into a really fun adventure.


“I think over the last 18 months we have exhausted our ideas bank, so I have teamed up with Soltan to come up with some top tips to help parents this summer – from fossil hunting and obstacle courses to cloud spotting and treasure hunts.”


The study also found nearly a quarter intend to build sandcastles on the beach while bird watching, building a den and going on a treasure hunt were other adventures families hope to experience this summer.


And glamping and a UK safari were the top activities families have never done but would consider for the first time this year.


It also emerged 67 per cent of parents have struggled to come up with ideas to keep their child amused since the pandemic began.


The findings come after it was revealed that searches for sun cream on boots.com increased by more than 7,120 per cent year-on-year.


Clare O’ Connor, Boots Soltan suncare expert, said: “It is lovely to see people enjoying being outside and making new memories with their families.


“While out adventuring, it is important not to forget to keep yourselves and your little ones protected as you are just as vulnerable to burning in the UK as you are abroad.


“Our message to everyone this summer is to apply a sunscreen with full SPF 5 Star UVA and UVB protection like Soltan, when enjoying everything that the great outdoors has to offer.”


You can see Helen Skelton chat through her top tips here [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VTY6R0vAUk]


Top 50 outdoor family activities to do this summer according to parents

1.            Have a picnic

2.            Watch the sun rise and set

3.            Go to theme parks

4.            Bike rides

5.            Swim in the sea

6.            Go to nature reserves

7.            Sightsee in a city

8.            Jump in the waves

9.            Fruit picking

10.          Build sandcastles

11.          Star gaze on a clear night

12.          Go to an adventure playground

13.          Fairgrounds

14.          Play in a paddling pool

15.          Go searching for creatures in rock pools

16.          Dig huge holes on the beach

17.          Hiking

18.          Camping

19.          Bury your legs in the sand

20.          Bird watching

21.          Play tennis

22.          Water balloon fights

23.          Slide down a water slide

24.          Play swing ball

25.          Caravanning

26.          Mountain biking

27.          A UK Safari

28.          Play on a bouncy castle

29.          Glamping

30.          Build a den

31.          Jump into a river

32.          Climbing

33.          Fishing

34.          Go on a treasure hunt

35.          Hunt for bugs

36.          Play on a rope swing

37.          Cloud spotting

39.          Snorkel in the sea

39.          Fossil hunting

40.          Bodyboarding

41.          Kayaking

42.          Play a big game of rounders

43.          Trail runs

44.          Pedalos

45.          Build nests for wildlife

46.          Make an obstacle course

47.          Ride on electric scooters

48.          Roller blading

49.        Surfing

50.       Learn a new sport


Helen’s top activities to keep children entertained this summer:


*Become a wildlife ranger – When out exploring, take a closer look at the nature around you. Before you head outside, make a list of the creatures you’d like to spot and see if you can find them all during your adventures.


*Create a nature obstacle course – Use the landscape around you to create the ultimate obstacle course.


*Nature bracelets – Before heading off on your adventure, take a piece of masking tape and put it around your wrist, sticky side out. Once you’re out and about, find pieces of nature to stick onto the bracelet: twigs, grass, fallen petals.


*Go on a rainbow hunt – Go for a walk with your family and find something from every colour of the rainbow to create your very own wildlife museum. It could be a pink petal, some yellow straw or a green leaf.


*Learn to find your way with a map – Find a map of the area and start off by working out where you are right now on the map. Choose an end point and plan your route there – remember to have the map facing in the right direction.


*Cloud spotting – The aim of the game is to see what unusual or unexpected things you can see in the clouds. Do you see a snake, a star or a face?


*Make natural art – When out and about, collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture when you get home.


*Build a twig raft – If you come across a source of water like a river or a lake, build a raft using objects you find around you and see how long it floats for.


*Go fossil hunting – Go on a time travelling expedition and uncover clues to the secret life of animals and plants from the past.


*Build a wildlife hotel – Collect fallen branches you come across when you’re out exploring to build a wildlife den that small animals can use for protection and shelter.

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