The most frustrating challenges for those with hearing difficulties include misunderstanding what people say, having to ask others to repeat themselves and being told to turn the TV down.
Research of 2,000 adults found 22 per cent believe their hearing is poor, and struggle with missing key parts of conversations, hearing someone on the phone and feel like they’re irritating others.
While 81 per cent of those with hearing issues have missed their phone ringing entirely.
But seven in 10 have been putting up with the issues as long as they can remember – with eight in 10 fearing it’s too late to do anything about the deterioration.
Gordon Harrison chief audiologist at Specsavers, who commissioned the research, said: “The figures clearly show how a decline in your hearing can have a serious impact on your life.
“Often hearing can decline over a long period of time so it can creep up on people without really noticing, until there’s an obvious problem.
“That’s not to say they shouldn’t seek help, as there are many ways to help improve your hearing.
“But it seems as though there may be a lack of understanding on how to protect yourself from the damaging long-term effects of loud noise, and how to improve your situation if you are struggling.”
Be aware of hearing changes
It also emerged 82 per cent of those with hearing difficulties believe their issues have impacted their quality of life.
And according to 39 per cent, the deterioration has been a very gradual process.
But 79 per cent admit they often feel left out because of their difficulties.
It also emerged 45 per cent of all adults fear a hearing decline, yet 32 per cent of those with children don’t encourage their children to look after theirs while they are young.
Of the 44 per cent that do, they encourage them to turn

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