‘When this is all over’ is a phrase that has become part of everyday conversation since the pandemic began, according to new research.

Four in 10 adults reckon they start at least one sentence with it every week, while a fed up 13 per cent say it every single day.

The research of 2,000 adults also revealed use of the phrase is driven by wanting to feel a sense of normality again for 58 per cent.

While more than 42 per cent are feeling frustrated at not having something to look forward to, with 30 per cent missing being able to see live events.

A third also said having something to look forward to is usually their remedy to getting through a tough week.

The research was commissioned by Accor to launch its new ALL gift card after it teamed up with author and futurist James Wallman to reveal the true value of the experiences missed by so many.

James said: “Right now, more than ever, we’re all in desperate need of a break – from home, from the monotony of life under lockdown, from the drip, drip, drip of ‘Will we? Won’t we? Be set free from lockdown’, from the up-down corona-coaster of worry and hope.

“We all need something to look forward to. Anticipation is free happiness.

“This is one of the reasons experiences are so much better than stuff at making us happy – and, weirdly, why experience gifts are so much better value for money.

“Because when you give someone an experience gift you’re getting triple value out of it – the anticipation, the enjoyment of the experience itself and the memories it gives them.

“That’s why this year by giving the gift of travel or experience you’re giving something that’s actually very hard to put a price on – something to look forward to.”

The study also revealed 41 per cent of adults said trips away are important to them, with 37 per cent wishing they could have had more trips away this year.

And 22 per cent are looking to go away more next year to make up for an abysmal 2020.

The simple experiences have also been missed, with 45 per cent longing to merely go for a meal with friends or family, while four in 10 would love nothing more than to share special occasions in person once more.

One in six have missed being able to go for afternoon tea in recent months, while 37 per cent have lost out on the joy of exploring new places.

The Accor study, via OnePoll, also revealed 69 per cent found the anticipation of such experiences were almost as exciting as the event itself – no doubt the reason Brits are hoping to have more to look forward to in 2021.

Stephanie Jaffre from Accor, added: “This year more than ever, everyone needs a break and something good for ‘when this is all over’.

“So the best way to bring some hope and cheer this Christmas is to give people something to look forward to. As our research shows, the gift of anticipation is free joy.

“The opportunity to give someone the gift of a weekend away, is potential to gift happy memories, relaxation, a change of scene and even the opportunity to explore somewhere entirely new. After this year I think we can all hope for that.”

If you’d like to give the gift of an experience, visit www.accor-giftcards.com


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