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As 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to put a damper on things, American women are turning to their makeup routines to feel a sense of control and comfort – according to new research.

The survey asked 2,000 American women about how they’re staying positive and confident as their time in quarantine drags on and found 51% said wearing makeup and changing their looks up has allowed them to cope with current affairs.

The results showed that millennial women overwhelmingly utilize this coping mechanism, at 63% – with their Gen X counterparts closely behind at 54%.

This sense of control has a direct impact on respondents’ moods as well; 36% said they’re in better spirits after mixing up their looks.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Neutrogena Makeup, the survey found feeling grounded during this uncertain time also has a ripple effect; 46% of women polled have felt an instant boost in confidence and 28% feel more productive at home when they put on a little makeup.

And as nearly half (49%) of respondents have abandoned their old routines since entering quarantine, millennial and Gen X respondents are using this time to create new looks for themselves to pass the time during quarantine – at 55% and 53% respectively.

Gen Z respondents and Baby Boomer respondents were the least likely to toss their old routines, however, at 29% and 39%.

The survey found that Gen Z women, however, miss getting ready every morning the most – at 58%.

These women are also the most likely to utilize their time in quarantine to learn new techniques, however, at 33% compared to just 22% of their Gen X counterparts.

Nearly six in 10 women polled also said they tend to gravitate towards drugstore products, with 46% also sharing that they believe drugstore products are just as effective as their pricier counterparts.

The top places women still opt to wear a little makeup included running essential errands, working from home and attending their online classes.

Just over a third of women polled also said they like to wear makeup just lounging around the house.

Despite wearing masks and other protective facial coverings, 41% of women surveyed said they still like to get ready to hang out with friends (while maintaining social distancing of course).

Thirty-seven percent of women polled said they’d still prefer to wear makeup when supporting local outdoor restaurants as well as having a drink outside (29%).

“It’s important to look for makeup that works for your everyday needs and keeps your skin healthy by nourishing and protecting it at the same time; products with sunscreen and additional vitamins and antioxidants are always great options,” shared celebrity makeup artist and Neutrogena partner, Neil Scibelli.

The survey also asked respondents to look to the future and anticipate what will be on trend entering 2021, and hopefully, leaving quarantine as well.

Forty-five percent of women polled said the top 2021 trend will be more natural makeup looks, closely followed by a rise in highlighting their eyes due to wearing masks and protective facial coverings.

“Natural-looking or no-makeup makeup is one of the most universally flattering looks and can really bring out the beauty of your skin and features,” added Scibelli. “Makeup can allow you to not only look but also feel radiant and empowered to present your best possible self, regardless of the challenges we face from day to day.”



  1. An instant boost in confidence – 46%
  2. Feel like they’re taking their self-care seriously – 39%
  3. Feel ready to tackle the day – 38%
  4. Feel an instant boost in productivity – 28%



  1. Hanging out with friends while maintaining social distancing – 41%
  2. Eating at a restaurant outside – 37%
  3. Going to the store to run errands – 36%
  4. Going on a social-distancing compliant date – 35%
  5. Having a drink at a bar outside – 29%
  6. Video calls with family – 25%
  7. Video calls with friends – 25%
  8. Virtual happy hours with the office – 19%
  9. Video meetings at work – 15%
  10. Virtual bar crawls with friends – 13%


  1. Rise in more natural makeup looks – 45%
  2. Increased focus on highlighting the eyes because of masks/facial coverings – 35%
  3. Rise in dramatic eye makeup because of masks/facial coverings – 31%
  4. Rise in the “no-makeup” makeup look – 29%
  5. Decrease in foundation usage – 25%
  6. Rise in purchases of makeup with skincare benefit – 24%
  7. Rise in long-wear/transfer proof makeup – 17%
  8. Dewy complexion – 14%

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