Young people can’t access the basic technology they need to thrive, according to research.
A study of 700 11-to-17-year-olds revealed almost half don’t have access to adequate technology at home and a third do not have a laptop or computer they can use, leaving millions of young people behind.
As a result, half believe it will affect their ability to perform well in the job market, being unable to keep up with the latest job opportunities or craft an engaging CV.
It also emerged over a quarter (27 per cent) want access to the latest technology, outside of school and college, however, 70 per cent don’t have access to a youth club or space to access to do so.
Elaine Carey, chief commercial officer, at Three Ireland and Three UK, which commissioned the research, said: “Access to technology and connectivity has never been more important for young people across the UK.
“It has become an integral part of their day-to-day life, from aiding them in their studies, to providing them with a creative outlet or simply in communicating with their friends out of school.
“However, the digital divide very much remains.”
Access to tech was identified as a key benefit of going to youth clubs, with three quarters of those attending wishing theirs could provide access to digital technology and 59 per cent saying a lack of tech will see them left behind socially.
Thousands attend youth clubs across the UK and it’s a government priority, with £380m pledged to ensure that by 2025, every young person in England has access to regular out of school activities.
Of those who attend youth clubs, 43 per cent do so to socialise and meet new people, while 42 per cent make use of the facilities to study for school or complete homework.
And 40 per cent of those polled

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