Dads are the most generous family member – dishing out more than £30 to their children each month.
A survey of 2,000 parents with children aged 6 to 17 has revealed just how much money different relatives gift to their loved ones.
In total, dads give out £7.70 per week, closely followed by mums who give their children £6.70.
Outside of the parents, maternal grandmothers are the next biggest givers, parting ways with £5.20 weekly.
Paternal grandmothers and aunties follow closely behind, both offering up £4.90 per week, while both grandfathers on both sides of the family cough up £4.80.
In last place were uncles who gave £4.70 a week.
It means if children received the average amount from one of each relative each week, they could be earning as much as £43.70 – or £2,272.40 a year – while those with multiple grandparents, aunties and uncles could be earning far more than that sum.
Tara Massoudi, from Revolut, which commissioned the research as it rebrands its service designed for under 18s, said: “It’s interesting to see just how much parents and other relatives give to their loved ones.
“Parents want to teach children and teenagers about money management in the real world, and Revolut

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