The nation has lost its spark for cooking with more than one in four unadventurous Brits reluctant to prepare anything new in the kitchen.
A study of 2,000 adults found 29 per cent cook the same dishes on rotation, while a quarter admit they’re too lazy to search for new recipes.
And 60 per cent only cook out of necessity, with seven in 10 put off trying new recipes in fear of it going wrong.
The classic Sunday roast is the most common dish being made at home, alongside spaghetti bolognese, Shepherd’s pie and stir fry.
Brits are encouraged to bring back the spark to the kitchen
The study was commissioned by vegetable brand Tenderstem to launch its Suppertime Sonnets in partnership with farmer and former JLS singer JB Gill.
He is seen performing in a field, reciting classic recipes in the style of Shakespearean sonnets, in a bid to get Brits more creative when cooking.
JB Gill said: “I’ve learnt so much since entering the farming industry and I’m continuing to learn.
“One thing that’s stuck with me is the time and care farmers put into the land, and how important producers and growers are.
“I think it’s time we brought a bit of that excitement and love back into the cooking process once it leaves the farm.”

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