Cat owners admit they are baffled by their pet’s behaviour – including how they ignore their scratching posts, eat one brand of food above another and bring in dead animals.
A poll of 2,000 cat owners revealed 47 per cent ‘don’t get’ their furry friend – with 87 per cent feeling stumped by their quirky behaviours.
The feline’s superpower of being able to differentiate the opening of a treat packet over a salad bag is what confuses them the most.
While their persistent clawing of furniture instead of scratching posts and random outbreak of five-minute ‘zoomies’ also featured on the top 30 list of weirdest cat traits.
Despite their strange ways, 65 per cent wouldn’t change a thing about their fluffy friend, with 53 per cent finding most things they do hilarious.
The research was commissioned by Wisdom Panel in an effort to bring us closer to these fascinating felines.
Partnering with The Scratching Post rescue charity during a time when abandonment cases are at an all-time high, the DNA testing company has launched the world’s first catwalk for cats as fashion week draws to a close.
It showcases their diversity and beauty while inspiring cat adoption – because no one does a catwalk like a cat.

Susan Delaney, founder of The Scratching Post, said: “The past few months have been incredibly challenging for rescue charities.
“Shelters have always struggled with abandonment, however the cost-of-living crisis has definitely contributed to more people having to part ways with their pets.
“Adoptions have also been impacting, reducing by 40 per cent since pre pandemic levels, which unfortunately is causing rehoming centres to hit crisis point.
“It was fun to showcase the personalities of our cats that are available for adoption, whilst also celebrating global fashion weeks.”
Other bizarre cat behaviours baffling Brits include their obsession with empty boxes, why they lie down on clothes

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