A house is not a home until you’ve hosted Christmas, filled your shelves with books – and completed at least four mini DIY projects, according to a study.
Research of 2,000 adults found they need to enjoy an average of three special occasions, such as birthdays, before a home really begins to feel comfortable.
Feeling safe in the local community and having family photos up are also important, along with the kids feeling settled and experiencing the sleeping in your ‘own bed’ feeling.
TV social and behavioural psychologist Honey Langcaster-James backed up the findings, claiming it’s not about the furnishings, but more about the experiences – both highs and lows – in their home before it begins to really feel like it’s theirs.
Small disasters help homes feel ‘lived in’
Honey Langcaster-James, speaking about the research commissioned by housebuilder Redrow, said: “The top things we need to make a house a home isn’t actually about the furnishings or the aesthetics – it’s all about what happens personally and socially within the four walls.
“And it’s about that sense of new home pride – being able to invite people to visit and welcoming them into your space.
“Being able to give someone a tour of your home, tell them where to find things or pointing out personal touches all add to that sense of ownership and homeliness.
“Even those new home disaster moments, for example the splash of red wine on the couch, or that first family squabble, although not fun, can be something that helps your home to feel lived in, because it’s something that only tends to happen within the privacy of your own space.
“But also sharing fun, relaxed and intimate moments, as well as things like wearing your most comfortable and relaxed never-to-be-seen outside clothes all help facilitate that homely feeling.”

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