Do you have to battle to get baby dressed every morning? The extra winter layer can prolong that problem, they really don’t like layering up but to ensure they are warm and cosy, it has to be done.

However why not make life easier by investing in an all in one snow suit. Get your baby dressed for the day and once you are ready to leave the house, pop them into the snowsuit just before you head out of the door. Ensure the suit is both warm enough and water resistant. Some suits may have hoods but they may not stay up, which brings us onto the next point…

Hats! We all lose heat through our heads but this is especially true for babies! So ensure you keep their heads covered. Gloves and mittens are also a necessity and you can never have enough as babies are particularly good at pulling them off and dropping them.

Blanket Up!

On truly cold days, you will also need to put a blanket over your baby. If you are taking them for a stroll in their pram, think about layering with a few baby blankets. To prevent overheating, ensure these layers are removed when you go indoors, even for just a quick stop in the supermarket.

You can also use blankets over your car seat but take care blanket over the straps and never underneath.

Sweet Dreams

Every parent worries about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and it is important to take official advice seriously. You know that covering your baby with piles of blankets and heating up their room is not a good idea, but you also want to ensure they are nice and warm. Remember that the ideal temperature for baby’s room is between 16-20 degrees.

Think about the outside temperature, on milder winter nights a baby grow with an extra body suit underneath may suffice. For colder evenings consider a wearable blanket which can be worn over the baby grow. A wearable blanket will ensure baby stays warm all night, even when they toss and turn. These type of blankets are usually suitable for babies over 7.5 pounds. Also consider the tog of your specific blanket and adjust clothing and room temperature accordingly.

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