How long does it take you to brush your teeth? Be honest now. Most people I have asked have said they spend around 3 minutes brushing their teeth but the reality was more like 30 seconds. I timed myself, keeping in mind that I knew the recommended time was 2 minutes, and I was astonished to find that 45 seconds in I was alarmingly bored of brushing.

With this in mind, we challenged our 9yr old son, William, to test out the new PlayBrush. Day 1, without the PlayBrush interaction, we set a timer for 2 minutes, and yes, William was whinging, I have to say waiting for the alarm to go off was similar to waiting for the kettle to boil. Day 2, we hooked up to the game on the iPad and 2 minutes just flew, in fact, he felt the urge to brush his teeth more than twice that day and we didn’t have to fight or negotiate.

I must confess, I tried it myself and found I brushed my teeth for longer than I usually do, so, all in all, it was a winner at Entertain The Kids headquarters. Don’t panic though, we tested the PlayBrush Smart not the PlayBrush Sonic, so we just switched the device across our own Tooth Brushes.

Although it may appear a little expensive, if you opt for the PlayBrush Smart, you can share it amongst your children with their own tooth brushes. A little charging device connects via a USB port and a full charge will last several brushes, I can’t say exactly how many because the novelty factor got the better of us and we kept playing with it.

Introducing the PlayBrush Smart

Do you find the morning and evening tooth brushing routine a daily battle with your little ones? Trying to keep them entertainment for more than 5 seconds can be a constant struggle, but that struggle is no more thanks to the wonderful people at PlayBrush.

Introducing the PlayBrush Smart, the manual toothbrush attachment which connects to a number of games via the PlayBrush tablet/smartphone app. For many parents it’s the answer they were looking for!  Available in a choice of 4 colours; red, blue, green and pink.

Motivating children to brush their teeth for longer, and all around their mouth from the help of the audio instructions measures the position, duration and regularity of each session to provide instant feedback and statistics, it’s the perfect incentive to increase these numbers. An exciting adventure awaits as the games begin from your little one’s own brushing movements, can you save the tooth fairy?

With each set you receive 1 PlayBrush Smart, 1 Manual Toothbrush, charging cable, smartphone holder, not forgetting  4 free games and brushing coach. For additional features further optional subscriptions are available.

To get started charge your PlayBrush base then attach to any manual toothbrush, download the PlayBrush App, connect to your device via Bluetooth then your little ones are ready to get brushing.

The PlayBrush Smart is available to buy online from PlayBrush for £19.99*.


*NOTE : prices correct at the time of going to print.
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