Brits are creatures of habit and have picked up at least five new rituals as a result of being home more than usual.

A study of 2,000 adults revealed that more than a third have picked up good habits during lockdown.

Although one in six confessed to developing some new bad habits along the way too.

And the survey, commissioned by Yakult, revealed almost eight in 10 intend to stick with the changes they have made recently.

It also emerged that seven in 10 adults feel secure and happy thanks to their routines, with 65 per cent even believing it has helped with their mental wellbeing.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of those who are exercising more claim their wellbeing has improved, while 65 per cent also said eating a balanced diet helped.

Japanese lifestyle expert Candice Kumai, who is working with Yakult, said: “My heritage inspires me to focus on traditions and time-tested cultural wellness rituals.

“We learn so much from our ancestors’ wellbeing rituals, and it is imperative to not only implement these in our daily lives but also introduce our own new rituals – just like the research shows.”

The study also found that over lockdown, fondness for the great outdoors increased, with 29 per cent embracing time with nature.

Baking and cooking from scratch also rose in popularity after 27 per cent introduced this ritual into their lives.

It also emerged 31 per cent have taken inspiration from Japan’s Marie Kondo and developed a love for decluttering their homes.

And 18 per cent of those polled via OnePoll are calming the mind through meditating or exploring mindfulness during this unsettling period.

Being at home so much more and needing to feel more organised and in control were the main reasons Brits claim to have picked up new habits and rituals – as well as having more time on their hands.

Spending more time with family and keeping in contact with those closest also had a massive impact.

Yakult is working with influencers to share their expert tips on how you can implement and stick to some of the nation’s top rituals.

For more information, visit @yakult_ukireland.


1. Have a morning routine: Try some of my favourite rituals: Make a cup of matcha/green tea, dive into a good book or a newspaper for 30 minutes to an hour before touching electronics.

2. Turn to nature: Try having an open mind about the world around you, take in your surroundings and free your mind to explore the nature that surrounds you.

3. Meditate: Nearly one in five of those surveyed have embraced meditation into their daily rituals. This can make for a clean and creative mind which is ready to conquer the day.

4. Be kind to you. Be your own best friend. Carve out some time for yourself and do something that you love.

5. Learn to be more mindful about spending and start saving: Try following the Japanese Kakeibo budgeting method to keep on top of your spending and cut out things you do not need.

6. Move your Beautiful Body: The Japanese are known to live long and prosper due to exercise so ride your bike, take a walk, and embrace nature.

7. Start cooking how your ancestors once did: You can live better by simply cooking fresh meals at home with and for your family, friends or solo.

1. Keeping hydrated
2. Keeping in contact regularly with friends and family
3. Decluttering
4. Being more mindful about finances
5. Shopping locally
6. Spending more time with family
7. Doing regular exercise
8. Spending time in nature
9. Rambling / walking
10. Cooking from scratch
11. Listening to music more
12. Eating a balanced diet
13. Cleaning
14. Gardening
15. Baking
16. Reading a book
17. Eating al fresco (outdoors/picnics)
18. Caring for others
19. Growing vegetables and herbs
20. Getting up early
21. Going to bed early
22. Meditation/mindfulness
23. Doing puzzles
24. Growing indoor plants
25. Making no-screen time
26. Donating or volunteering
27. Bird watching
28. Cycling
29. Yoga / Pilates
30. Taking up a new sport


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