School children were invited to draw pictures showing what they think the world’s oceans would look like in the year 2070, and they make for disheartening viewing.
Youngsters filled the images with plastic and rubbish, as well as creatures consuming the waste in the sea.
It comes after research of 1,091 children aged 7-11 found six in 10 are ‘worried’ about the future of the ocean and 58 per cent want to do more to protect the planet.
And two thirds (62 per cent) of those who are worried about the ocean are scared fish will die out if we don’t do anything to save our seas and a further 52 per cent are frightened whales will fall ill.
The research was commissioned by BRITA in collaboration with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to launch Dougie Poynter’s newest children’s book, The Whale Watchers.
The book is set to educate children on the importance of whales to the ecosystem, and show small steps everyone can take to help – such as reducing single-use plastic.
Taking care of the environment
Other top concerns shared by children are the ocean flooding us (51 per cent) and not being able to see a certain species before they die (46 per cent).
And youngsters are already highlighting the changes they want to see to save the seas and the planet – with 54 per cent saying we should stop dumping waste into our waters.
Others think we should make electricity from wind and water (41 per cent) and learn about the importance of the underwater ecosystem in school (39 per cent).
Furthermore 59 per cent are worried about plastic pollution affecting whales.
This comes as 85 per cent believe the giant underwater mammals are important to the ocean’s ecosystem.
Stopping use of single use bottles, taking part in beach cleans and reusing plastic items are among

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