The traditional handwritten ‘thank you’ letter is no longer the most popular way to express gratitude – with digital methods such as instant messages and emails favoured instead, according to research.
A poll of 2,000 adults found just nine per cent send a letter of thanks nowadays – a drop of 11 per cent compared to 10 years ago.
While messages via WhatsApp, SMS text, email and Facebook, have become some of the most common ways to show appreciation.
Despite this, handwritten notes of gratitude are in fact considered to be among the most meaningful ways to say thank you – close behind heartfelt phone calls and visiting someone to show appreciation in-person.
Further highlighting the significance of the personal touch, the M&S Club Rewards research found hand-delivering flowers or treating someone to a coffee were also among the most genuine ways to show thanks.
The research also found 58 per cent think it is more important than ever to say thank you to loved ones, with 28 per cent admitting the last couple of years have helped them appreciate the little things.
And 29 per cent think it’s important to show others just how much they mean to them – so they realise how loved they are.
Gratitude will never fall out of fashion
However, three in 10 don’t tend to say thank you in a meaningful way as often as they would like.
Etiquette expert, William Hanson, said: “Gratitude will never fall out of fashion and while how we say thank you may have changed, simple good manners are timeless and priceless, and saying thank you has never been easier.
“However, in our digital age – and with all these new and simple ways to communicate and show our gratitude – saying a quick thank you via instant message has become the default for many.
“But if you really

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