The average parent has to deal with six ‘family crises’ a day – including resolving sibling squabbles, dealing with tantrums and running late to appointments.
A poll of 1,000 mums and dad of children aged 0-16 found disagreements over bedtime (17 per cent) and struggling to understand their youngster’s homework (17 per cent) are also among the daily conundrums they find themselves in.
Leaving the house without snacks in tow (15 per cent), rescuing beloved toys or comforters (15 per cent), and losing internet connectivity when watching a child’s favourite show (15 per cent) also emerged among the top 10 little ‘everyday emergencies’.
It also emerged 88 per cent of parents turn to tech to help solve these continuous challenges.
Vodafone commissioned the research in recognition of its network being relied upon by the 77 per cent of emergency services who have connectivity contracts with the provider.
Parents turn to tech to manage family tiffs
The study also found when solving these everyday problems, 38 per cent will use their smartphone for assistance, while 32 per cent phone friends or family members.
And 28 per cent seek advice from a voice-controlled person assistant such as Amazon Alexa, or WhatsApp groups with other parents.
In fact, mums and dads turn to tech to manage five out of six of these little ‘everyday emergencies’ in a 24-hour-period.
And when a child turns three emerged as the peak time where turning to tech is most common.
At this point, parents laud technology solutions such as apps that help them keep in touch with their child’s school or nursery (33 per cent), online booking platforms to arrange medical appointments for children (26 per cent) and online shopping apps (22 per cent).
Cool, calm and collected
It also emerged keeping children entertained (44 per cent), helping out with homework (40 per cent) and cooking meals for the

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