More than a quarter of adults believe they lead a sedentary lifestyle – with the average person sitting down for up to 40 hours a week.
A study of 2,000 Brits found 34 per cent think they need to be more physically active but struggle to do so.
And 27 per cent admit they aren’t as active as they should be – despite easily being able to.
Lack of motivation (29 per cent), tiredness (28 per cent) and not having enough time (26 per cent) were cited as the top reasons for this.
While being inactive for so long leaves adults feeling bored (32 per cent), unhealthy (32 per cent) and ironically – tired (29 per cent).
The research was commissioned by Babybel which teamed up with Josie Gibson to hit the streets of Sittingbourne in a bid to get the nation moving again, temporarily renaming the town to ‘Standingbourne’.
A spokesperson from the cheese snack brand said: “It’s not easy to remain active off the back of busy summer holidays, especially when research shows just how long we spend sitting still all day.
“As part of our Active Living Challenge, Sittingbourne was renamed to Standingbourne to show how small changes to everyday routines can make a difference.”
Two thirds would like to be more physically active than they currently are but 35 per cent claim it’s harder to do this as they get older.
When quizzed on the length of exercise, 61 per cent said they’d be more likely to do it if it lasted a shorter amount of time.
While 65 per cent would be more inclined to do something active if it was fun.
Nearly seven in 10 say they moved more as a child compared to now and 42 per cent of those with kids say they help them to keep moving.
Most adults wish they were

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