The ‘holiday glow’ – otherwise known as the feeling of excitement that surrounds a holiday – lasts for as long as a whole week after returning home from a vacation
However, the poll of 2,000 holidaymakers found 34 per cent will get their next holiday plan sorted immediately upon return so they have something to look forward to and kick start the new holiday cycle.
Scrolling through holiday snaps and videos (40 per cent), reminiscing about their favourite memories (34 per cent), and sharing holiday stories with those who weren’t there (28 per cent) are the top three ways to try and hold onto the holiday glow.
Spamming their social media with holiday pictures and memories is also a popular way to prolong the buzz for 14 per cent, while 13 per cent try to recreate some of the dishes they had on their travels at home.
On average, travellers begin planning their trips four months in advance, including choosing a destination and booking or planning activities.
They then reach their peak level of excitement three days before setting off on a trip, with 18 per cent having sleepless nights because of the anticipation.

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