This new quiz presents scenarios of things that can go wrong in the home and asks what you would do, from calling on dad to attempting a spot of DIY.
Are you a ‘Hope For The Best Harry’ or a ‘Call In The Experts Claudia’?
It comes as research revealed nearly half of homeowners have discovered unknown nightmares after moving in – including dodgy electrics, faulty boilers and leaking pipes.
The study of 2,000 property owners found 44 per cent made disappointing discoveries along the way, such as windows which didn’t open, peeling paintwork and lights which didn’t work.
While others found themselves the new owners of leaking toilets, rats and mice under the floorboards or in the attic and mould growing in the bathroom.
One unlucky respondent even discovered the cooker hood was held on with Blu Tack.
And another had to redecorate after finding out the previous owners had painted around their curtains – leaving part of the wall a different colour.
As a result, of those who made unwelcome revelations, 64 per cent admitted they regretted buying the property.

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