Natalie Savvides is a married Mum of two young children under five who lives in South-West London. She is the author of Full Circle, published in 2016 by Pegasus, which is a memoir with a difference. Natalie Savvides, now in her early 40s, has been called ‘the real Bridget Jones’ on many occasions, but the difference between her book – Full Circle – and the likes of Bridget Jones is that it’s 100% real!

Her book is packed with unedited extracts from her diaries from the age of 13 through to when, through a chance meeting, she fell in love with her husband, as well as memories and reflections on the different times of her life – from school playground politics to leaving home for university, finding her place in a different town, then in a different country, meeting new friends, discovering truths about people she thought were friends, battling an ongoing problem with her weight by eating erratically and drinking too much, the infamous dating game we are all too familiar with, launching onto the career ladder, burning the candle at both ends, and much more, Natalie’s life story is told with such raw authenticity thanks to the diary extracts.

International Day of Happiness is coordinated by Action for Happiness, a non-profit movement of people from 160 countries, supported by a partnership of like-minded organisations. Author Natalie Savvides is available for media interviews/editorial commissions on topics such as:

  1. Ten changes you can make TODAY to help you feel happier.
  2. Why positivity pays based on Natalie’s own experiences. The importance of keeping faith and hope in the future – the power of believing and keeping that positivity.
  3. What you can do to help your sad friend feel happier (perhaps they’re being bullied, going through a relationship breakdown, or grieving).
  4. Why kindness should be taught in schools from reception class in primary schools.
  5. How diary-writing – and the subsequent reflection it allows – can help you feel happier.
  6. Small changes you can make each day to help you feel much happier by the end of the week.
  7. How to spot the signs that you’re truly unhappy, why it’s sometimes difficult to admit you’re unhappy, and where you can turn for help.
  8. Why it’s OK to admit you’re struggling if you’re a new Mum and ways you can help yourself to feel like ‘you’ again.
  9. Tips to alleviate work stress so you can feel happier at work AND at home.
  10. Why sadness is a completely normal and healthy response to inevitable adversities and how you can get through challenging times, survive and thrive.

Natalie now dedicates her time to helping others with their problems, much like a ‘happiness coach’. While she may have been brought up in a ‘nice’ part of London, given opportunities to go to university, travel and enjoy exciting new experiences, Natalie also went through myriad challenges of growing up, finding her place in the world, and looking for love, like so many of us do (and quickly forget/erase from our memories as we get older!).

Her ability to recall the exact language and feelings of times in our lives that so many of us choose to forget gives her an incredible empathy with teenage girls, those in their early 20s living away from home for the first time, through to women in their 30s on the dating bandwagon trying to find love after a string of bad relationships!

In honour of International Day of Happiness Natalie will, on the morning of March 20th, be giving away free copies of Full Circle to teenage girls, career women and Mums on Kensington High Street. Her aim is to show these women that they’re not alone in their problems, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and to give people another reason to feel happy on this International Awareness Day.

Natalie is available for media interviews on International Day of Happiness in central London. She is also going to be visiting secondary schools throughout south-east England, starting in March 2017, to talk to them about the experiences and emotions that are so overlooked and not commonly discussed in schools, from bullying to eating issues, drinking to friendships, drugs to anxiety. She will be gifting each school a copy of her book – Full Circle – for the library. She aims to continue this connection with the teenage students by returning to the school to answer their questions after reading the book (the content usually sparks a series of questions) and to offer one-to-one support when required.

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