Britain’s takeaway heroes are being celebrated for going the extra mile to help their communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Good Deed Feed, launched by Just Eat, shines a light on the hardworking and dedicated restaurant and takeaway businesses which have stepped up to look after those in need during this unique time.

Heroes include Jay Alom, 25, owner of the Lime Pickle Indian takeaway in Birmingham, who has provided NHS workers in the local area with more than 300 free meals.

In addition, the business has been providing free meals to local care home residents and staff, with almost all residents too vulnerable to shop for themselves.

Jay, 25, winner of Best Takeaway in Britain at the 2017 British Takeaway Awards, said: “These are probably the most difficult times we’ll face in our lifetime.

“We’re just a small business trying our best to do the right thing for our community, and those that care for it.”

Wasim Arshad, 41, owner of Mr Chef in Uddinsgton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, has been delivering food packages to vulnerable people in his local area.

So far, with the help of his staff, Wasim is donating 100 hot meals a week to those in need, while also delivering essential grocery items and toiletries.

Wasim said: “We owe our success to our community and this is our chance to give something back. It’s important that we get food and essentials to those who need them, while also checking in, from a safe distance, to ensure they’re okay.”

Clare Cam, who runs Café Pizzeria Express in Harlow, Essex has been delivering free pizzas to their local hospital on a weekly basis while also delivering hot food free of charge to the elderly, vulnerable and those who can’t afford meals.

Clare said: “We just wanted to do our little bit to show our appreciation to NHS workers and give back to the town who have given us so much.”

And Fabrizo Parella, owner of Divitos Chip Shop in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, temporarily closed his business which he has run with his family for more than 20 years.

But with the help of his dedicated staff, they are still serving the local community by donating meals to his local hospital, police station, doctor’s surgery and chemist.

Fabrizio said: “Although the shop is closed, we still feel like we have a part to play. We want to keep looking for different businesses around the community that we can help.”

The takeaways have been highlighted by Just Eat, which has launched the Good Deed Feed to shine a light on the restaurant and takeaway businesses across the country which are going above and beyond during the COVID-19 crisis.

With more than 35,700 restaurant partners on its platform, Just Eat is using its network to share stories of local takeaway #foodheroes in towns and cities across the nation, to champion the businesses involved and help inspire and encourage others who want to help their communities too.

The Good Deed Feed is the latest in a series of steps Just Eat has taken to support the sector at this challenging time.

It follows the delivery apps’s £10 million emergency support package to help small independent restaurants partners maintain their operations and support staff.

As well as the emergency support package for independent restaurant partners, Just Eat is also offering financial support for qualifying couriers who fall ill as a result of Covid-19 or may need to self-isolate.

Andrew Kenny, UK managing director, Just Eat, said: “At Just Eat, we’re committed to supporting our restaurant partners, many of which are small, often family-run businesses.

“The restaurant operators we work with are some of the most hard-working individuals you’ll ever come across.

“Whether it’s feeding people on the front line or delivering groceries to the vulnerable in self-isolation, takeaways and restaurants across the country are going above and beyond to help their local communities.

“To put others first during these uncertain times, shows true dedication and we want to champion that.”

The initiative has been backed by the British Takeaway Campaign, whose chair, Ibrahim Dogus, added: “Takeaways and restaurants up and down the country are responding to the government’s call and stepping up to the challenge of keeping our nation fed under incredibly difficult circumstances, with many funding their efforts out of their own pocket.

“We want to say thank you to them all. Their ongoing support to their communities needs to be recognised and applauded. It’s a beacon of positivity during what is a very testing time for us all.”

Last month, Just Eat also launched a daily discount for NHS staff, saving NHS workers and their families £250,000 in the first week alone.

Just Eat is calling on the public to recognise their local takeaway heroes too.

Send details of your favourite takeaway and the great work they’re doing to help their local community to @justeatuk with the hashtag #GoodDeedFeed.

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